How To Improve Indoor Air Quality Naturally

Making sure your home is full of clean air is an important duty of any homeowner. This can be a hard task to maintain, though, especially if you have a lot of people walking around your home with dirty shoes or a three-month-old air filter still left in your air conditioning unit. This doesn’t mean you should quit, though, as there are many different methods of improving the air quality inside of your home. The following are a few different ways you can consider trying to enhance the air quality in your household.

1. Change Air Filters

One of the first ways you should try to improve the air quality inside your home is by replacing the filters of your air conditioning unit and making sure that you replace them regularly. The air filter that is used inside your air conditioning unit is likely to be filled with dust and allergy irritants after a few days of running continuously. That can have a significant negative effect on the air quality inside of your home.

2. Take Off Your Shoes

Another way you can try to improve the air quality inside of your home is to make sure that you do not wear shoes while inside. The bottom of your shoes is filled with dirt and dust that you’ve brought in from the outdoors. By walking around your home with them on, you will be spreading those dirt and dust particles throughout your home’s air supply.

3. Let Fresh Air in

One more way you can try to improve the air inside of your home is to make sure that your home is properly ventilated so that fresh air can get in and out easily. Opening a window can also benefit your home by letting any bad or stale air out.

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How To Light The Pilot Light on Your Hot Water Heater

If you’re suddenly stuck with only cold water, you may need to ignite the pilot light on your hot water heater. This is an important part of having the system running properly. You can do this relatively quickly if you follow a few easy steps.

Automatic Water Heater Pilot Light Procedure

For those of you who have an automatic hot water heater, you’re going to have a small button that’s called an “ignition” button on the small box that’s sticking out of the side.

If you see that button, follow these steps. First, turn off your hot water heater by setting the “pilot / on / off” button on the small box to “off.”

Wait five minutes at this point so gas can clear out and so that you do not start a fire. Also, set the temperature on the hot water heater to “low.”

At this point, just hold down the pilot button and press the ignition button at the same time. The pilot light will then be lit! Keep holding down the pilot button for 30 seconds. After that, you are finished.

Manual Water Heater Pilot Light Procedure

If you don’t have an “ignition” button, then you have a manual hot water heater. If you’ve got a manual system, you’ll first remove the plate on the side of your hot water heater right below the box that’s sticking out on the side with the buttons on it.

After that, check the interior for an additional plate. Remove that plate as well if needed. You’re going to look for a pipe or multiple pipes that lead up to your burner. That’s what you’re going to light.

Make sure you’ve got a very long light. Then, set the “pilot” button or dial to “off.”

At this point, wait five minutes so that any gas can clear the surrounding area. Next, set the temperature to “low.”

Then, turn the pilot button or dial to the “pilot” setting and press down and hold it while using your very long lighter or long wooden match to light the furnace’s burner.

Remember to hold down the pilot button for a full 30 seconds. After that, set the temperature back to the preferred setting for your furnace.

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How Does an HVAC System Work?

Whether your HVAC system is located in your basement or in a utility closet on the main level of your Glendale home, you probably never give it much thought. What’s interesting is that while you’re living your everyday life, your HVAC system is working hard to ensure you stay comfortable through it all. When you dig into it, an HVAC system is actually quite sophisticated and fascinating. Here is a basic explanation of how HVAC systems work.

The Blower Fan: The Heart of the System

If your HVAC system has a “heart,” then it’s definitely the blower fan. The blower fan pulls in the air for both the furnace and the air conditioner, pushing that air over the heat exchanger or the evaporator coils before distributing the air throughout your home. This means that while your HVAC system is running, your blower fan is spinning. It’s important to maintain your blower fan regularly.

Changing the Temperature

Moving air is great, but it doesn’t mean much unless that air is helping to heat or cool your home; that’s where your air conditioner and furnace come in. Your air conditioner operates by moving the refrigerant through a series of tubes to cool the refrigerant. When the refrigerant passes above the blower fan in the evaporator coils, the heat is removed from the passing air, thus cooling down your home. This heat is then removed by the condenser and released into the outside air.

The furnace, on the other hand, relies on either a gas heat exchanger or coils in an electric furnace, to reach a higher temperature. When air passes over these hot components, the air also increases in temperature, thus warming your home. At Christian Brothers Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical, we understand each of these components to ensure they’re operating as they should.

The Ducts: Unseen Heroes

The last step in heating or cooling your home is to move the air to the various rooms. This is the job of the ducts. Ducts are simply large pipes that direct air where it’s needed. To do this effectively, ducts must be clean and airtight. At Christian Brothers Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical, we can assess your ducts to ensure they’re moving air efficiently and make any repairs if problems are discovered.

The Brain Behind the Machine

Behind every great machine is a wise mind that keeps it running. At Christian Brothers Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical, we have a large group of skilled technicians with the know-how to keep your HVAC system operating efficiently and effectively.

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