Ductless Mini-Split Replacement

When you end up having trouble with your ductless mini-split, we understand how inconvenient this can be especially in AZ. This is why we provide the highest quality service, and unparalleled ductless mini-split system replacement.

ductless mini-split replacement

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Our team at Christian Brothers has the expert training and licensing to diagnose and fix any of your ductless mini-split problems. We’ll provide you with upfront options in-person before any work begins.

Ductless Mini-Split Replacement Service – Call: (623) 201-5066 To Schedule

When you need ductless mini-split repair service in central Arizona call Christian Brothers at (623) 201-5066 or schedule service online. We also offer 24/7 after-hours emergency replacement response from our licensed and insured technicians.

Is your Mini-Split system giving you trouble? Maybe your system isn’t running as comfortably as you’d like. Arizona is prone to hot summers and we know you need an Air conditioning system that you can rely on.

Honest repair and replacement services that you can trust.

We are the honest air conditioning & ductless mini-split repair and replacement company in Phoenix, AZ that you can trust. Since 1976, over 40 years, we’ve supported our loyal customers and will happily provide you with quality replacement and will resolve any of your problems with integrity and care.

If you need heat pump maintenance, or a new ductless mini-split, Christian Brothers can help. We’re the best and most trusted solution for easy and reliable local service. We provide repairs, maintenance, and replacement for your A/C, heating & cooling.

Our technicians are highly trained, licensed and nearby your home. We can guarantee to fix all of your ductless A/C needs. We have an entire team of local technicians that will provide up-front pricing and adequate options for your family and home.

When you’re in a hurry, no problem! Our emergency after-hours repair service can provide the help you need. Contact our expert team of representatives for more information and scheduling.

Christian Brothers installs all brands of ductless mini split systems. Call us today for more information on ductless mini split systems.

Ductless A/C is a great alternative to standard home air conditioning when there isn’t room for ductwork. Ductless air conditioning is also a great alternative for newly added rooms, and cooling hard to reach areas in a home.

Common Problems With Ductless Mini-Split A/C

Without the proper training it’s best to leave your mini-split alone and let a professional handle your issue. Some tasks require a ladder if the mini-split is wall mounted or mounted on the ceiling.

If you need our help call to schedule ductless mini-split replacement (623) 201-5066.

It’s possible for issues to occur to an existing ductless mini-split A/C, either as home air conditioning, or to specific rooms. Some problems include a small water leak, or maybe a power outtage caused the hardware to fry and won’t turn on. Here are some common problems you could run into with your ductless A/C that can require replacement.

  • Your outdoor unit(s) fan isn’t running.
  • Your indoor unit(s) has low cooling performance.
  • Your indoor unit(s) is leaking water.
  • Your indoor unit(s) won’t respond to remote control.

Check if you are getting any heating & cooling from your indoor air handler. If the fans are on, check the outdoor unit fans. Arizona summer heat can take a toll on your capacitor and eventually will lose it’s ability to hold an electric charge. A failed capacitor will need to be replaced by a licensed professional. We will diagnose the issue whether it be a fan motor, or any other cause found by the technician.

Check both of your indoor and outdoor system power and fan operation.

If the motors in both your indoor and outdoor unit are able to turn on, but you see no difference in temperature it’s likely a refrigerant leak. The loss of refrigerant in a ductless mini-split will affect the entire system. It lowers it’s ability to absorb and release heat back into your home.

The heat pump exists to run at a certain level of refrigerant known as refrigerant charge, and if this charge drops, the change in system pressure will lead to damage to the compressor. You’ll need a professional to find the leak, provide leak sealing, and recharge refrigerant to a safe level.

To avoid water damage from leaks or condensation, call our experts right away!

Call to schedule ductless mini-split replacement (623) 201-5066.

If there is water running down your units, or you see signs of water damage call us for immediate repair or replacement. You should not see condensation on the outside of your ductless mini-split system. Condensate that collects in your indoor units is supposed to be removed through the drain hose from the back side of the unit and wall. If your unit isn’t draining, the water damage could cause the unit to break away from the wall.

Your indoor ductless system is operated through a remote, but the controls aren’t working. If your remote is no longer able to communicate and change your mini-split setting, try changing the batteries or scheduling a technician to assist in the case of an electric issue or power supply problem.

Do You Need Mini-Split Replacement?

When we asked our customers we discovered many homeowners would prefer repair services even in older units over replacement or install. In many of these situations, ductless mini-split replacement is not only a better solution but more cost-effective.

Christian Brothers will advise mini-split replacement if:

  • Your system isn’t responding to controls or cooling your home.
  • You end up calling for repair too often, and are paying too much for home cooling.
  • You have poor air quality in your home.

Ductless Air Conditioner Maintenance

Here at Christian Brothers, we can’t stress enough the importance of our service partner plans for air conditioning maintenance. Your A/C is a great investment and the summer heat here in Arizona is no joke. Let us perform regular maintenance of your ductless mini-split A/C units, and we’ll make sure your investment is protected through-out these hot summer days in AZ.

Your ductless mini-split system is an investment. This investment provides outstanding efficiency and quality performance. Absolutely make sure that you are always getting the most you can out of your mini-split repair. You need professional maintenance and repair provided by Christian Brothers.

We will provide calibration, tune-up, repair, replacement and other maintenance for you and your family. Our service partner plan will preserve the life of your ductless A/C and keep you comfortable. For routine service we offer great annual benefits.

To maintain maximum efficiency, effectiveness, and the lifespan of your ductless mini-split system Christian Brothers provides the highest quality and licensed technicians in Arizona for your repair and maintenance service.

Choose Ductless A/C Replacement By Christian Brothers

At Christian Brothers, we value being on-time, efficiency, and full servicing for all of your air conditioning needs. It can be emergency replacement, maintenance requirements, or just wanting to upgrade your home with a better system. You can trust the leading air conditioning company in Arizona to provide you with the most qualified tech and quality parts. For over 40 years Christian Brothers has built a reputation in Arizona for excellency in HVAC services.