Anthem Heating And Cooling

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Anthem Heating And Cooling

Anthem Heating Repair (623) 201-5066

In the usually hot, dry climate of Anthem, AZ, it is essential to have your AC system running smoothly, especially in those summer months when temperatures are often known to hit those triple digits. While there is no denying the importance of your AC, people sometimes tend to overlook the importance of a well-functioning heater too. If you need it (and you do in those cooler evenings) you’ll want it to be operating optimally. That’s just another reason to count on us for comprehensive service.

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Full Service Anthem Heating and Cooling

What is it that you need? We can help! We offer expert service in the following areas:

Spring and Fall Tune-Ups Call (623) 201-5066

Your heating and cooling needs are seasonal, which is why it only makes good sense to get your comfort systems inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. For your furnace, we fire it up and make sure that all of the components are operating, like the pilot light and the belts among a number of other things.

We clean burners, make sure that the thermostat is accurate. For your air conditioner tune-up, we will check the thermostat, the compressor, clean coils and make sure that the filter is clean (and replace it if need me). If you are proactive rather than reactive to your home comfort needs with a tune-up, you avoid inconvenience in the future.

Anthem Air Conditioning Services

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

We specialize in helping you save money with the operating costs of your comfort system by offering energy efficient upgrades. We can retrofit to improve your system and provide any AC Repairs, with things like programmable thermostats and upgrading ductwork.

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