Dimmer Lighting Service

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In your home, dimmer lighting will provide many benefits including energy reduction and cost savings. You can have dimmer lighting installation provided by scheduling service today. Secure your in-home visit today for Electrical repair. We’ll supply you with all the information you need on dimmer lighting in person from a licensed electrician.

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How many times have you sat in a room only to grumble because the lighting is too bright or too low? Adding the luxury of lighting controls in your home empowers you to have exactly how much light you want. Having dimmer lighting allows you the flexibility of using more electronics in the same room from reading with a lamp to watching a movie on your television or computers.

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Dimmer Lighting Service

As previously mentioned having control of just how much light you want in a room is a big plus. On those dreary days many cringe at the thought of having to put their lights on yet if they had dimmer lighting then this allows them to increase the light without using the full wattage.

What can Dimmer Lighting do for my family and home?

Dimmer lighting for your home also saves the hydro consumer energy, by reducing the wattage. This in turn saves you money. Lighting control is a win-win situation as a homeowner. Did you know there are many types of lighting controls? Dimmer lighting is just a category.

Here are some types of lighting controls:

Not all dimmers lights are created equal. There are style choices and differences in how they function as home lighting. Advancement in technology has provided many great new additions to lighting fixtures and dimmer lighting.

    • The rotary dimmer switch is common and is used manually as they operate by using a dial. Some of the rotaries also require a slight push before using which allows you to retain the current setting.
    • The touch dimmer light allows you to change lighting with just one button. One touch recall lets you easily switch back to the prior level of light. Some touch dimmers have a button control to easily go back to the prior setting.
    • Integrated dimmer lighting is quite versatile. Imagine being able to program multiple lighting presets for one room. A wireless control (or manual) is used to select the settings.
    • Slide dimmers are perhaps the second most common type of lighting control. This is manually controlled by sliding back and forth to select the lighting you desire. Some slide dimmers have a button so you can easily revert back to the prior setting.
    • If money is no object then there are scene dimmers to choose from. They are a very sophisticated yet programmable system that allows switching and dimming of several lights in a room. This allows the maximum in flexibility but again, this option is more expensive.

Whether it be one or several rooms in your home there are dimmer lighting options for you. If you need help deciding on what is best for your home or if you want a qualified electrician to install dimmer switches, then we can help.

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