Glendale Ductless Mini Split AC Systems

Find an alternative to keeping your home cool with our Glendale ductless mini split AC systems repair and installation services by calling (623) 201-5066 today. If you live in a ductless home and are fed up with the inconsistency of a window mounted AC, a ductless mini-split air conditioner makes the ideal cooling system. Click here now to access our coupons page to save on our ductless mini-split AC repair and installation services and more.

Glendale Ductless Mini Split AC Systems

If you’re in search of a new cooling system for your home, it’s probably become apparent to you that there are not a lot of choices if you don’t have a home with preinstalled ducts. You can struggle with window mounted air conditioners which can often be noisy and inconsistent in their cooling duties or opt for a portable air conditioner that has a limited cooling area. These methods are not often ideal and can be frustrating when you just want to catch a break from the heat.

These compact air conditioning systems are great for keeping your Glendale, AZ home cool and relaxing during peak summer months. Its new technology has proven to have several different benefits that will keep you and your family comfortable. Visit our reviews page to see what others have said about our professional and reliable services.

Glendale Ductless Mini Split AC Systems Repair & Installation

Compared to central air units or window mounted air conditioners, ductless mini-split systems are significantly more energy efficient than others. Though it is much smaller in size, the unit’s refrigerant evaporator is placed close to the ceiling so as it produces cold air, it naturally falls downwards. This is much more efficient compared to central air units that work harder to push cold up upwards, making the lower levels of the home cooler, like the basement and first level, but struggle to reach the upper levels of your home which are often left still feeling quite uncomfortable.

What Kind Of Maintenance Does My Mini Split AC Require?

Like any air conditioning system, ductless mini split units should always be properly maintained by a professional. The air filters and coils should be free of dust, dirt or debris in order for the system to keep working properly for years to come. Should this type of maintenance be neglected, your system may start to perform poorly and lose the capacity to provide cool air throughout your home.

In addition to dirty filters, the outside portions of the unit should regularly be inspected for damages. This includes the line-set insulation which could be damaged by curious rodents that are attracted to the inside moisture or inclement weather. Should the insulation be damaged, it’s important to have a professional assess the damages and perform any repairs as soon as possible to avoid in-line corrosion.

If you’re interested in our cooling system expertise, call Christian Brothers in Glendale, AZ at (623) 201-5066 for all of your ductless mini split ac systems repair and installation needs.