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Glendale Irrigation Systems Installation Services Glendale, AZ

If you are in need of an irrigation system installed on your  Glendale, AZ residential or commercial property, we are the company to call. We offer fast service performed by knowledgeable technicians. We also install irrigation systems for non-residential properties including school yards, sports fields, restaurants, and more! At Christian Brothers Plumbing, Air Conditioning, and Electrical, we are your go-to experts for irrigation system installations.

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Water Conservation

Arizona has been drier than ever in recent years. Conserving water is the new reality our State is facing. Irrigation systems are a good way to save water because they are programmable so you can control the time of day you water, even if you’re not home. We recommend early morning or evening watering for the most water to saturate the ground, as hotter times of the day result in high water evaporation rates. Irrigation technology has come a long way in the last few years, with innovations preserving more water than ever before.

Irrigation Technologies

Glendale irrigation systems have been developed to ensure water is used for the area and in the amount it was intended. Different types of systems and controls allow the user to be specific with where and how much to water. Contrast controlled irrigation technologies to a traditional sprinkler set out on a lawn for hours that does not allow for control of how much water is running off or evaporating. It is also easy to forget a running sprinkler, wasting a huge amount of water.

Pressure regulating heads reduce the over spraying and misting that wastes water. Drip irrigation is much like it sounds: a continuous drip of water that is used in a specific area, like a garden bed, reducing watering areas, or plants, that don’t require as much water. Irrigation controllers allow you to adjust for not only the time of day you are watering, but the quantity of water you are dispersing.

Never Forget to Water

Irrigation systems are wonderful for controlling water waste, but relying on your memory for watering your plants and lawn brings with it another problem: forgetfulness. With our hectic lives, it is so easy to forget to turn the water on. A couple weeks go by and your precious plants and lush grass have turned brown and crisp. Irrigation systems can be put on a timer, allowing you to set it and forget about it!

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