Phoenix Breaker Panel Repair & Replacement

Your electrical panel is the heart of your home’s electrical system. When things go wrong, call Phoenix Breaker Panel Repair & Replacement at (623) 201-5066. Click here for access to online coupons and specials.

Breaker Panel Repair & Replacement Phoenix, AZ

According to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) there are 28,000 electrical fires every year causing over $1 billion in property damage. Even worse, there are on average over 300 deaths per year and over 1,000 injuries per year. Yes, some of the causes include house wiring or appliance failure but many of these fires are caused due to mistakes that people make like overloading their electrical outlets. You need an electrical system that is suited to your home’s needs and you want it to last trouble-free for many years.

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Replacing Electrical Panels

There are several reasons why you may want to consider replacing your electrical panel. The most common reason is that your home is still on the old fuse system. Worn out or damaged breakers is another good reason to repair or replace breaker panels and not having enough circuits for your electrical needs is a very good reason to replace your current panel.

Homes with fuse panels are becoming a thing of the past and upgrading to the much safer breaker system is really important these days. If your home still has a fuse panel, not only is it unsafe but it is usually far too small for a home’s needs. In addition, this may make your home uninsurable.

Older homes have charm but an inadequate electrical panel could ultimately be the cause to creating massive damage to your home. Your old breaker box might just be working too hard when trying to meet the energy demands of all your appliances, the HVAC system, television, home theater, computers and other electronic gadgets. You may already know they could be trouble lurking around the corner because your lights flicker every so often. Tripping breakers and bursting fuses are tell-tale signs of electrical panels that need to be changed.

You Are Not an Electrician

Upgrading your home’s electrical panel should not be a DIY job you look up on YouTube. You are not an electrician and should you try to make repairs yourself or replace your breaker panel on your own, good luck on your home insurance paying out for damages. More to the point, this is a job intended strictly for a professional Phoenix breaker panel repair & replacement technician. Panel repairs and upgrades is a serious task and you don’t want to be taking chances to your home or to your life by making this a DIY project.

Christian Brothers Plumbing, Air Conditioning, and Electrical at (623) 201-5066 in Phoenix, AZ are the professionals to call when you require breaker panel repair work completed or replacing your current panel system. Remember, your electrical panel is the heart of your home’s electrical system – be sure it is in good shape!