Phoenix Clogged Toilet Repair

Clogged toilet? For a fast fix call (623) 201-5066 for Phoenix clogged toilet repair. Our plumbers will eliminate your problem quickly and reliably. A clogged toilet can cause quite a mess and disruption to your household. Call today to alleviate the problem. Click here to receive coupons for great savings today!

Clogged Toilet Repair Phoenix, AZ

When a toilet clogs, there’s often a moment of panic as you wonder if the bowl will overflow and create a mess all over the bathroom floor. You can try to remove the clog with a plunger, but if the problem persists, it’s best to call in the professionals to snake the clog out. See who’s using Christian Brothers Plumbing, Air Conditioning, and Electrical for their plumbing needs. Click here for reviews from past and present customers in Phoenix, AZ and its surrounding areas.

How to Fix a Clogged Toilet

A clogged toilet is inconvenient at best, and potentially damaging to your property at worst. If the bowl floods your bathroom, the water may run out into the hall and damage your floor, seep into your subfloor and cause rot and weakening of your home’s structural integrity. Here’s how to fix that clog before it gets out of control.

First, if you notice the bowl filling with water after flushing, and you’re worried the water and waste will spill over onto the floor, turn the water valve off behind the toilet, stopping any more water from filling the bowl. If the water is draining slowly, wait for the water level in the bowl to drop, then use a plunger to try to alleviate the blockage. If the plunger doesn’t clear the clog, the toilet may need to be snaked to get the toilet flushing properly again.

Why is My Toilet Clogging So Often?

Clogged toilets are a common household plumbing problem that some homes seem to experience all too frequently. There are many reasons a toilet can become plugged. Low flush toilets, especially older models, cannot always manage to flush down large quantities of toilet paper. The toilet paper becomes stuck in the line and is not able to clear, causing a backup. Hard water build up is also a clog culprit. The trap or even the main sewage drain can become blocked if non-flushable objects have fallen in. A toilet that clogs frequently is a sign of trouble. If you have tried repeatedly to clear the clog by using a plunger, and the clog does not clear, or becomes re-clogged a few days later, it’s time to call in the experts. The professionals at Christian Brothers Plumbing, Air Conditioning, and Electrical are here to help!

Don’t delay if you have a clogged toilet in your home. There’s no reason to inconvenience your household with an unworkable toilet. Call the plumbing experts Christian Brothers Plumbing, Air Conditioning, and Electrical at (623) 201-5066 today for your plumbing needs in Phoenix, AZ.