What Is A Service Partner Plan?

What Is A Service Partner Plan?

Over the last decade, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC services have changed drastically. With increasingly available technology and a new focus on customer service, these services companies are becoming more efficient than ever. As a result, the need and access to preferred services has also increased. Created to meet these needs for a more personal service experience, we created our own Service Partner Plan.

A Service Partner Plan works as a subscription to an extensive list of benefits to our services. Some of those benefits include priority service, maintenance checks, and a 15% discount on any paid service. We offer these plans as a way to increase the satisfaction of our customers by building a partnership based on trust and reliability. No longer will homeowners be subject to the actions of a services company that doesn’t even remember their name. With a Service Partner Plan your 100% satisfaction is our guarantee.

Similarly, the benefits of a Service Partner Plan will go beyond the immediate repair. With annual preventive inspections, you’ll avoid breakdowns, lower your energy bills, and gain peace of mind. We’ll also send over an assigned technician who is trained in repair and customer service. They will diagnose the problem and give you all the options before beginning a repair. Thus giving you opportunities to decide what is best for you and your family.

The Service Partner Plan is made to provide you the best possible service. When you have an emergency and need a plumber right away, just give us a call. With a Service Partner Plan, you’ll jump to the front of the line. We’ll handle yours first.

At Christian Brothers, we don’t want you to go unnoticed. The next time we send a technician to your home, ask him about the available options for a Service Partner Plan. Also, you can check out our previous blog post 3 Reasons Why A Service Partner Plan Will Benefit The Homeowner. To make an appointment, give us a call at (623) 201-5066.

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A Few Ways Homeowners Are Ruining Their Plumbing

A Few Ways Homeowners Are Ruining Their Plumbing

As a homeowner, you’re pretty good at keeping your house in working order. You keep your air conditioning maintained, electricity cost low, and stay up to date on necessary tune up appointments. As a result, your house is always functioning as it should. However, when it comes to your plumbing, you may get behind because you are not sure how to prevent costly disasters. This lack of knowledge can be dangerous.

There are plenty of ways a homeowner can ruin their own plumbing. Most of them you may not even know about. Because we know you’re not a plumbing expert, we thought we’d help you out. Here are a few ways homeowners ruin their own plumbing.

Inaccurate Installation

We find that sometimes homeowners can be in such a rush that they decide to take on the project themselves. Likewise, it can be tempting to save a couple bucks.

Although you may be a handy do-it-yourself specialist, you may want to call a professional plumber to handle any installation. A great way to cause unnecessary problems is to handle this yourself. Plumbing is a serious deal if you want to keep your home and family from paying the price of a bad install job.

Using the Wrong Pipes

Lets be honest, most people are not familiar with what the proper pipes are for their plumbing. The average person does not know the difference between one pipe from the other. Not to mention which one is appropriate for a specific home.

When homeowners try to apply quick fixes, they often end up using the wrong materials and making the problem even worse. Furthermore, this ends up costing them in the long run. If you want to avoid ruining your own plumbing, call a professional to come handle that problem for you. It’ll save you valuable time and costs in the long run.

Debris Buildup

Homeowners tend to understand plumbing based on two principles. If the water is going down the drain, the drain works. If water is coming out of the faucet, the faucet works. Pretty simple, right?

This is another way homeowners can ruin their own plumbing. Inattention to common water pressure problems can eventually cause debris to build up in the pipes and cause mineral clogs. When you encounter a drop in water pressure, be sure to handle it as soon as possible. Waiting may cause more of a problem.

Don’t Use The Drain As a Dumpster

When it comes to what goes down a drain, some homeowners think anything goes. As a result, they end up with costly repairs for clogs and even broken pipes. If you have constant clogs, you may want to be careful about what you put down your drain.

Items such as paper towels, cotton balls, paper towels, and feminine hygiene products should never go down a drain. This can be the biggest culprits for clogs in the average household. This could also ruin your plumbing.

Use of Harmful Chemicals

Corrosive chemicals can be exceptionally harmful to your plumbing pipes. Likewise, many of them indicate on the label that they should not be put down plumbing pipes. However, many homeowners still throw them down anyway.

If you don’t want to have to replace major pipes in your plumbing, avoiding putting harmful chemicals down your drain. When you do this, it erodes the pipes and could cause them to burst open and cause plenty of issues.

Call Christian Brothers

When you feel your plumbing system needs to be repaired or replaced, give Christian Brothers a call! We can have a licensed and experienced technician to your home as soon as possible to check your pipes. Call us at (623) 499- 9794.

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Common Plumbing Emergencies And How To Avoid Them

Common Plumbing Emergencies And How To Avoid Them

It’s not every day that a plumbing emergency happens, but when they do, it can be very costly. The price of clean up, water damage, and the emergency services tend to add up quickly. Not to mention the toll it can take on your quality of life and peace of mind.

In these moments, we often wonder what we could have done differently to prevent the catastrophe in the first place. Hind sight is always 20/20. Despite what some may say, homeowners have many chances to prevent these disasters, but usually fail to make the right call at the right time. That’s where we come in!

Christian Brothers doesn’t want you to feel alone in your time of need. Likewise, we don’t want you to miss out on valuable information that could prevent the problem altogether. Using our 42 years of experience as our guide, we’ve put together a list of the most common plumbing emergencies and how to avoid them.

Burst Pipes

Unfortunately, this is a very common plumbing emergency. Burst pipes are disastrous due to the water damage that could potentially occur in your home. As a result of this damage, you could be looking at a hefty repair and clean up bill. The disruption this can have on your daily life is also something to keep in mind.

Luckily, there is something you can do to help prevent your pipes from bursting. Routine plumbing inspections from a licensed professional are great for catching pipes that could potentially burst. Pipes usually burst because they corrode over time. An experienced plumber can identify these pipes and replace them. Thus saving you from having an emergency situation.

Sump Pump Issues

Sump pump failure can be classified as a plumbing emergency as well. A sump pump installation in the basement prevents ground water from rising into your home. They are what keeps your home dry from rising water underground. These come in handy, especially when you live in rainy areas.

When a sump pump fails, it ceases to protect your home from this underground water. As a result, this water could find its way into your basement and cause plenty of water damage. This is never a fun experience.

To prevent this emergency, have a professional plumber give it an inspection. They should be able to tell you whether you’re safe or you need a replacement. This is usually the best course of action if you wish to avoid a plumbing emergency.

Clogged Sink Drain

This is a plumbing emergency we see very frequently. A stopped up sink drain never a good thing. One minute you’re washing dishes, the next you’ve got a a sink full to brim and possibly some overflow. Water damage can also occur if the situation is severe enough.

To repair this emergency, it’s usually best to call a professional to come out and help. Handling this by yourself is not a good idea.

If you wish to prevent this plumbing emergency altogether, be mindful of what you put down your sink. Things such as coffee grounds, paper towels, and other heavy material. Doing this should prevent clogs from occurring and save you a lot of time, energy, and money.

Clogged Toilet

A clogged and overflowing toilet can cause serious damage to your bathroom. Not to mention it can be extremely gross. This is the type of plumbing emergency that is the most common and the least wanted. Although we treat clogged toilets all the time, it is often the most avoidable plumbing emergency.

To prevent getting a clog in your toilet, think about what you’re flushing down it. Thicker paper towels, cotton balls, diapers, and other items that aren’t toilet paper will eventually cause a clog.

If you do end up with a clog in your toilet, use a toilet plunger to try to dislodge the back up. This could save you time and money on calling a professional. However, if the toilet begins to overflow, make sure to seek a licensed plumber to help.

Leaks in Pipes or Water Heater

Leaky pipes don’t necessarily fit the classification of a plumbing emergency. Most homeowners are pretty good at managing leaky pipes until a plumber can fix them. Although this true in most cases, there are some times when leaks are severe enough to need emergency plumbing services.

Also, a leak in a water heater is nothing to shy away from either. These can cause extensive water damage and should both be handled with care. To prevent these from leaking, see where your homes water pressure is at. If its above 80 PSI it could be causing these leaks. A plumbing inspection never hurt either.

Call Christian Brothers

When you need help with a plumbing emergency, Christian Brothers can help! Our licensed, trained, and experienced technicians can assist you with whatever you need. Call Christian Brothers at (623) 201-5066.

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Three Reasons Emergency Plumbing is a Must

Emergency Plumbing

3 Reasons Emergency Plumbing is a Must

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could plan out emergency situations? It would be great to know when your toilets going to clog or when your faucet will spring a serious leak. Unfortunately, the thing about emergencies is you’ll never see them coming!

In this unpredictable world, is there anything you can rely on to be there when you need it. Luckily, there is! Christian Brothers AC Plumbing and Electrical is always there when you need us. We have full service install repair, replacement, and maintenance whenever a disaster occurs in your home.

Some may ask what’s the big deal about offering emergency plumbing. If you’ve ever thought this, here are 3 reasons emergency plumbing services are a must for any homeowner.

Reduced Damages

Something most homeowners never forget to think about when a plumbing emergency occurs is the amount of damage they will see in their homes. Likewise, how much the cost will be to get everything back to normal.

When you call Christian Brothers for an emergency, we’ll be there quick enough to reduce or prevent any possible damage that may occur. Facing emergency plumbing situations is one of our specialties.

Our technicians train on how to troubleshoot any major issue in your plumbing. We approach the situation with your well being in mind. With Christian Brothers, you’ll never have to wonder who is really on your side.

Emergency Plumber Glendale, AZ

Clean Up

Christian Brothers technicians not only train on how to repair the issue, but will also help with clean up. When these catastrophes occur, you’ll notice the benefit of having a professional clean up for you.

Assuming the clog is severe and the toilet has led to a flood in your bathroom and maybe more, there are special cleaners and equipment that can help. A Christian Brothers mobile store will have the right tools for the job.

Once again, the clean up of a plumbing emergency is no joke. Please consult our professional help and let us take care of it for you.

Plumbing Glendale, AZ

Learn the Issue

Educating you on the issue is of the utmost importance to us. With the help of a technician from Christian Brothers, you’ll receive all the information on how the problem happened and how you can prevent it in the future.

In today’s age of plumbing services, we consider it our responsibility to share all the information we learn with our customers. Gone are the days of prying a plumber for answers. With us, you’ll get the full story.

We can even tell you what to watch out for and give you signs to look for so the issue doesn’t get you again. We do this so you can more adequately protect your family, home, livelihood, and peace of mind.

Service Partner Plan

With a Christian Brothers Service Partner Plan, you’ll jump to the top of our emergency list! This prioritization of your needs is just one of the many benefits of a Service Partner Plan.

You’ll also get a free annual plumbing inspection to help prevent these types of plumbing emergencies. Thus stopping the problem before it even starts!

To purchase a Service Partner Plan, call Christian Brothers at (623) 201-5066 and schedule an appointment to see one of our technicians today!

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Tree Roots: The Unknown Plumbing Hazard

Tree Roots: The Unknown Plumbing Hazard

Drain clogs can happen for a number of reasons in your Plumbing system. Sometimes the cause is putting inappropriate items down the drain, while other times  its mineral build up in the pipes. Either way, these can be easy to spot and repair with the help of a licensed plumber.

However, some clogs are harder to fix than others and can cause more damage, such as tree root clogs. It is not uncommon that tree roots can wreak havoc on your plumbing system. When they do, it can cause costly repair expenses and a big headache.

As a homeowner, what do you do when you face this situation? Luckily, there are some things you can watch for and do to save your home from a catastrophic overflow. There are also services you can hire for drain cleaning in Glendale, AZ.

Sewer Repair And What To Watch For

  • Sinkholes- sinkholes can be a sign of tree roots beginning to grow in your pipes. These occur when water leaking from the intruded pipe begins to fill the dirt and grass around it. This will cause a visible sinkhole and soft spots to appear in your yard. When you see this, call a plumber immediately.
  • Gurgling Toilets- When tree roots enter your plumbing pipes it will cause the toilets in your home to exhibit a gurgling sound. If you hear this sound, it could be a sign of a tree root entering your pipes.
  • Slow Drains- When your system is backed up from a tree root, your drains will also move more slowly. This is how severe these clogs can get.
  • Exceeded Tree Growth- Because of the water and minerals that run through your plumbing pipes, if a tree root enters, it will cause the tree itself to grow faster. If you notice a tree is growing faster than expected, you may want to have a plumber check it out.
  • Foul Odors- If a tree root is the culprit for a clogged pipe, you may smell some foul odors around your home or in your yard. If you smell something, don’t hesitate to call a plumber.

What To Do Incase of a Drain Clog

  • Use Some Salt- If you believe you have a tree root in your plumbing line, dump a half pound of rock salt into your toilet. After you’ve done this, flush as many times as needed to get all the salt down the drain. This tactic should kill the root by drying it out. Doing so should prevent the clog from getting worse.
  • Root Killer- Root killer can used to kill roots as well. Different brands have different instructions, so read the directions and use caution.
  • Inspection Camera- Professional plumbers usually have a pipe inspection camera that will confirm if there are roots in your pipes.

Call today for Drain Cleaning and Drain Clog removal

When you give Christian Brothers a call, we can set you up with one of licensed plumbing technicians. They can be down there as soon as possible to help investigate any issues and give you peace of mind. You can rely on us for your drain clog problems. Don’t wait for the issue to get worse than it already is! Cal Christian Brothers at (623) 201-5066. We also service other types of drain clogs including Toilet Repair services.

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Five Plumbing Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

5 Plumbing Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Buying your first home is an exciting experience. Taking this next step is crucial when starting a family or making an investment. However, there are plenty of responsibilities that you must consider when becoming a new homeowner. One of those being getting to know and maintaining your plumbing system.

Many homeowners don’t know what they are getting into with their own plumbing. They assume calling a plumber is the best option whenever something goes wrong. Likewise, they spend thousands of dollars each year trying to keep up with repairs and replacements.

Although this may not solve the problem, its never a bad idea to consider using some handy plumbing tips. This is why we’ve compiled 5 plumbing tips every homeowner should know.

Find Your Shut Off Valve

Knowing this will save you plenty of time in case of an emergency. Also, finding your shut off valve is handy for when a plumber may come over to do some maintenance work. The location of your drain and sewer access points may be a handy thing to know as well. These are normally located somewhere around the home, whether inside or outside. Keep in mind that condos and apartments may not have their own shut off valves. This information will save you plenty of time and headache in the long run.

Know What Should Not Go Down A Toilet

Homeowners often use their toilets as trash cans. As a result, they end up with nasty clogs and costly repairs. Keep in mind, the only thing that should really be going down your toilet is toilet paper. Other things like baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, band aids, and paper towels should be disposed of in a different matter. In the case of putting things down your toilet, knowledge is power.

Ignoring Leaks is a BAD idea

A simple leak may not seem to bad. Maybe the tub or sink faucet is dripping just a bit. Not so fast. These drips, if not taken care of, can add up to costly repairs and a much higher water bill. Calling a plumber, or fixing the leak yourself, should always be done right away. With how dry Arizona can become in the summer, saving any amount of water is a good idea.

Don’t Over Tighten Fittings

This is a very common mistake we see homeowners make almost every day. If you consider yourself a “Do It Yourself” specialist, keep this in mind when messing with your plumbing. Over tightened fittings can lead to stripped screws and broken bolts, which can make things difficult for you in the future.

Remember the phrase “hand tight is just right”. Or you can simply call a professional plumber to handle it for you.

Use Plumbers Tape

Plumbers tape is an extremely helpful tool homeowners can use to avoid leaks in their plumbing. To use plumbers tape correctly, simply wrap it around the connecting end pieces three times before sealing it.

This method should prevent your fittings and joints from becoming leaky. Remember, white tape of this nature is used only for plumbing, where as yellow tape is only used for gas. Likewise, knowing this will prevent accidents from occurring in your home.

Call Christian Brothers

Christian Brothers A/C Plumbing and Electrical specializes in every field of plumbing. When things get to hard to manage on your own, give us a call!

We have knowledgeable, helpful technicians who can aid you in answering any questions or repairing any problems. Call us at (623) 201-5066.

Are you interested in reading more about Plumbing Basics and Helpful Maintenance Tips? Click here.

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Four Reasons Homeowners Should Hire a Plumber

4 Reasons Homeowners Should Hire a Plumber

You consider yourself pretty handy with your tools. Whenever a need for repair arises in your home, you’re the first to attempt a fix. As a homeowner, you consider it your responsibility to be the first to assess any leaks, clogs, or spills. Despite your lack of experience or training, you manage to make it work. Christian Brothers applauds your efforts and resourcefulness!

However, one day you run into a major plumbing problem. Just when you think you find a solution, you run into another issue. With every twist and turn in this DIY project, you begin to feel in over your head. What do you do now?

Fortunately for you there is a way out of this disaster. Call a trained certified plumber! Plumbing professionals gain expert level knowledge through years of experience and training. Likewise, the benefits of hiring a licensed plumber extend beyond just this. Here are 4 reasons why homeowners should hire a plumber.

Plumbers Who Are Always Prepared

Professional plumbers are always ready for any issues they might encounter. Plumbers always have the right tools, equipment, parts, and knowledge needed for any type of repair. Christian Brothers vans are made to be mobile storehouses that contain the right pieces and parts for any job.

Furthermore, our technicians are certified, licensed, and trained on any kind of issue they might encounter. With a Christian Brothers technician, you won’t need to worry if we can complete the project to your satisfaction.

Accurate Communication

This is key! Plumbers are capable of repairing any issues, as well as explaining in a detailed diagnostic report the exact issue. This brings the homeowner a distinct benefit by giving you the info needed to avoid the problem in the future. Likewise, they can provide you with all the information necessary to make a choice that will benefit you and your family. With a Christian Brothers technician, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into. Above all, they’ll give you a detailed diagnostic analysis of your system.

Plumbing Savings

This is a something few homeowners tend to remember. When you think about DIY projects, you probably are thinking about how much money you’ll be saving. But, when a project gets far out of hand, you’ll actually find you’re wasting more money retracing your steps and buying unneeded items. At Christian Brothers, we have a Service Partner Plan option available! With any Service Partner Plan, you will receive 15% off the bottom line of any job. This will save you valuable time and money.

Emergency Services for Plumbing

Another benefit of hiring a professional plumber is having access to Emergency plumbing services. This will ensure that when something out of the ordinary occurs, a plumber will be there to help with any problems. With our previously mentioned Service Partner Plan, you’ll be at the top of our list when something goes wrong. No having to wait. Just give us a call.

Call Christian Brothers

Christian Brothers is dedicated to giving excellent service. Our customers are our number one priority! We will fix any issue while providing top of the line customer service. Don’t wait for it to get worse. Call Christian Brothers today. (623) 201-5066.


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Helpful Bathroom Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Helpful Bathroom Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Basic bathroom plumbing knowledge is very important for any homeowner. When you own a home, you also need to be prepared to deal with various concerns such as plumbing issues. Your pipes or other plumbing fixtures will break down at some point and need repair or replacement. 

When it does break down and it’s just a minor concern such as a leaky faucet, you can deal with it on your own especially if you have tools for the job. To reduce your plumbing repair costs, you need to have basic working knowledge of plumbing concepts.

This way, you can easily fix the minor plumbing issues that occur in your house from time to time. Here are some bathroom plumbing maintenance tips for you to keep in mind.

Proper Bathroom Plumbing Maintenance

Remember that your toilet isn’t a landfill or garbage can. Don’t flush sponges, hygienic pads, baby diapers, paper towels, cotton balls or other stuff down the toilet. You won’t like it once your toilet is clogged.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

Open the faucet a bit to prevent the pipes from being frozen or bursting during the cold winter months. This will reduce the pressure in the pipes and prevent it from bursting and creating a mess in your home.

Noisy Pipes

In case the water pipes are exposed and being noisy, you can just anchor them. Make sure to use material that won’t cause friction to the pipes.

Wash the Septic Tank

Septic tanks should be washed every 5 years to keep it in great shape and to prevent sediment buildup. Unmanageable tank buildup will cause the tank to back-up or fail. Cleaning the septic tank may be expensive, but cleaning up sewer back-up is definitely more expensive. If you want to avoid such costs, it is best that you clean the septic tank.

Drain Filters

Your drains should have drain filters to prevent the drainpipes from getting blocked by debris. It is important that you clean debris from the filters as frequently as needed. It is also important that you completely understand your plumbing tools. You need to know how to use them before you do any repair. Conduct some research and read about plumbing tools before using them. Plan everything in advance, so you don’t make any costly mistakes.

Following these maintenance tips can help you avoid serious problems with your bathroom plumbing in the future. Learning how to deal with minor plumbing concerns on your own can certainly help you save a lot of money. By following the tips stated here, you can reduce your plumbing repair costs.

You don’t want to add any unnecessary costs when it comes to your plumbing system. Learn more about the basics of plumbing and you will definitely save a lot. You will also not experience any hassle. If you don’t have any idea about the job or if it is a serious concern, it is best that you call a professional plumber to do the job for you.

Our plumbers have the tools, experience, knowledge, and skills to fix various plumbing problems for you. Call Christian Brothers anytime to schedule licensed trained insured plumbing for your home.


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Tips For Understanding Plumbing In Your Home

Understanding Plumbing For In Your Home Tips

Plumbing pertains to the interconnection of fixtures, tubes and pipes that are used for you drainage, heat and water system. It’s where the water runs for your daily use. Some people are fond of fixing plumbing issues on their own. It’s not really a big problem if it is simply a basic plumbing work. Before you do any plumbing work, it is important that you know what tools you should use.

guy-inspecting-plumbing-homer understanding plumbing

Plumbing tools include water meters, backflow preventers, filters, gauges, screw driver, wrench, utility knife, sealants, pumps and adjustable pliers. You should also be familiar with several fittings such as unions, elbows, valves, pipes and tees. Kitchen sinks, toilets, faucets, showers, water heater, bathtubs and bidet are plumbing fixtures you should be familiar with as well.

Basic Fix For Your DIY Plumbing

Anyone can do a basic fix. For instance, you can fix a shower head leak without calling for help. Fixing clogged drains is also easy. As for the gutters, you can simply clean them once a week to prevent clogging and any form of damage. When fixing a faucet, just make sure that the water supply is off. In case there’s a valve near the faucet that needs fixing, turn that off as well to prevent it from affecting the supply of water in other parts of your home. Remove the leaking part.

In case you are removing small pieces, you should put them in a safe place so you won’t lose them. Now, check the faucet and clean or replace it if there’s corrosion. Clean open valves before you replace the faucet and make sure to tighten all fittings and screws. To check if the faucet is still leaking, turn on the water. If there’s no leak, you’ve successfully fixed it.

Make sure that you have all the materials before you do any plumbing work. When purchasing plumbing supplies, create a list of the things needed so you won’t forget anything. You can bring the part that has to be replaced to ensure that it will fit the valves. Check the lines to determine where the water main closes. If you live in a condo, check if every unit shuts off. You should also check if the entire building must be turned off.

This is particularly important if there’s a serious leak. You should also get rid of the hoses from the faucet and do this before the faucet freezes in the cold winter months. It is also important that you check the stops at the back of toilets and under every sink to make sure that they can be turned smoothly. This will allow you to close them easily if you experience any problem with your plumbing system.

These tips are for basic plumbing concerns. If you think that the problem is something that you could not handle on your own or you don’t have enough time or skills to fix it, you can always call a professional plumber to do it for you. They have the skills, tools and experienced needed to fix various plumbing concerns.

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