What Should You Never Put Into a Garbage Disposal?

What Should You Never Put Into a Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposals are handy for taking care of food scraps. However, some things can clog your pipes or damage the garbage disposal. Here are some things you should never even consider putting down your kitchen sink’s drain.

Fibrous Fruits and Vegetables

Corn husks, celery, asparagus and banana peels have fibrous strings that will wrap around your garbage disposal’s blades. This can lock the blades up, making them inoperable.

Animal Bones

Garbage disposals aren’t made to handle animal bones. They can easily damage your disposal’s blades, resulting in your needing to get a new disposal. If the bones do make it past the blades, they are likely going to get stuck in the pipe, causing an obstruction.

Grease and Oil

Once these are cool, they become solid. They can easily block your pipes. Oil and grease should be tossed in the garbage once they have cooled.

Beans, Pasta, Oats, and Rice

All of these absorb water. If any gets caught in the drain it can expand and cause a clog to form.

Pits and Seeds

These can easily damage your garbage disposal. They are very hard and should be thought of as a type of wood. Even unpopped popcorn kernels should be thrown in the trash.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee Grounds won’t hurt your garbage disposal but can clog your pipe. They will settle in the pipe, eventually causing a clog.


Eggshells have a thin membrane on the inside that can wrap around a garbage disposal’s blade. They should always be thrown in the trash.

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