What Are the Different Types of Heating Systems?

What Are the Different Types of Heating Systems?

Heating systems for indoor environments can vary pretty widely with the options available today. However, they generally have some things in common, which group them into five basic category types.

1. Forced Air

This is one of the most commonly found systems for generating heat for homes, offices, and many industrial applications. It typically uses a squirrel cage fan to push air through a system of ventilation ducts to reach the rest of the building. They are very good at heating a space rapidly. Technicians at Christian Brothers AC, Plumbing, and Electrical can handle every detail of the installation process for you in Glendale, AZ.

2. Radiant

This kind of system uses water to heat a room by circulating the hot water through pipes that are in the walls or ceiling of a room. Radiant heating systems are an excellent way to warm a room without taking precious moisture out of the air. They are also praised for being quiet while in operation because the system is self-contained.

3. Hydronic

A hydronic system also uses water, but the heat is distributed throughout each room via individual baseboard units that are mounted on the walls. These can be just as quiet as radiant systems and are just as energy-efficient. Some drawbacks are how slow they warm a room and that they limit usable floor space because they are not supposed to be blocked by curtains or furniture.

4. Steam Radiant

Radiant steam is used to heat a home by creating steam in a boiler and pumping the moist air into the rooms. It is revered for its efficacy, but it is an older technology that is not very cost-effective to install new. Also, many people do not like the overbearing registers required in each location they wish to heat.

5. Geothermal

This is an efficient system because it uses heat that already exists inside the Earth in its original form in many cases. The geothermal heating methods today can pull heat from anything no matter how cold it is. Obviously, the warmer the source is the more efficient it will be.

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