Four Reasons Water Softeners Are Worth The Cost

4 Reasons Water Softeners Are Worth The Cost

Having a water softener in your home provides many benefits to you as a homeowner! However.., most people will tell you a water softener is just a simple luxury they cannot afford. Although water softeners can come out to be somewhat expensive, your investment in them will not be a waste. Water softeners provide plenty of helpful accommodations that make up for their slightly pricey cost.

1. Better for your Skin

Water softeners provide water for a home that is filtered of minerals. To put it in simple terms, it is purified water! Having soft water not only is better tasting to drink, but also is better for your skin! Due to the fact that the minerals in the water have been removed, your skin will thus receive more refreshment when showering, bathing, or washing your hands. If you want to receive a more refreshing clean, you’ll want to invest in a water softener.

2. Better for Cleaning

Softened water is better for cleaning glasses, dishes, and counter tops as well. This leaves them looking crisper, further disinfected, and smelling wonderful. Not to mention that soft water requires less soap to lather! Purified water is much easier to lather than hard water, and you use less soap in the process. The hassle of cleaning will be far less and the amount of money you’ll save on soap will be significant. When you invest in a water softener, you’ll be cleaner in your kitchen, as well as the rest of your home.

3. Better for your Clothes

Yes, its true. Soft water is much better for your clothes for of two reasons. First, your clothes will be cleaner. That means they will smell nicer and more likely be properly disinfected. Secondly, they will shine brighter, look better, and keep their color longer. Also, the gritty feeling you might get on your clothes will be eliminated thanks to softer water. All in all, when it comes to cleaning, softer water is all around better to use in your home. This may be something serious to consider when you’re thinking about installing a water softener.

4. Better for your Plumbing system

Softened water is much more suitable for your plumbing pipes as well. When you only have hard water, your pipes will gather grim and buildup on them. Eventually, this buildup will cause the pipe to erode, break, or cause a clog. With soft water that doesn’t have so many minerals, this buildup will take much longer to grow. Keep in mind, piping for plumbing is can be pretty costly. If this were to happen, the repair could be catastrophic. This will also be something you’ll want to account for when deciding if you should install a water softener.

5. Call Christian Brothers

If you have already made up your mind about wanting a new water softener, or you have questions, give us a call! We will send an expert level, licensed technician to your home who can do everything from answering questions to installation. When you call Christian Brothers, you can purchase, install, and receive maintenance for your water softener. Give us a call at (623) 499- 9794 to schedule full evaluation with up-front pricing for whole home filtration.

You’re probably wondering to yourself what those benefits are. Trust us, we get this question every other day! Well you asked, and we answered. This is why we’ve gathered the 4 primary reasons why water softeners are worth the cost.

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