3 Easy Steps To Clean Your Drain Like A Pro

Drain cleaning can be a very dirty and annoying process. Sometimes what comes out of that clogged drain can be a shock– even to you! However, as a homeowner, it is a strict necessity to know how to clean them. It’s one of many responsibilities that come along with home maintenance. Often we receive questions on how to effectively clean sink, shower, and bathtub drains. Though you might need to learn, it isn’t rocket science. Generally speaking, the process is pretty simple. This is why we’ve put together three step process on how to clean your drain like a professional.

Step One- Diagnose The Problem

Knowing what you’re up against is a must when it comes to cleaning your drain. This means identifying what the problem is, as well as knowing exactly what is in your drain. Keep tabs on what you’re putting down your sink drain. Furthermore, ensure you haven’t put anything down that would cause any clogs or blockages. If you’re not sure what you shouldn’t put down a drain, please refer to our article “5 Things You Should And Should Not Put Down Your Drain”. Most of the time, if you have been putting damaging items down there, the problem will be reoccurring. The best way to diagnose any issues would be to run water checks frequently.

Step Two- Get The Right Tools

Grabbing the right tools will help you in cleaning your drains and removing clogs. Most of these tools you’ll probably have on handy in your home, but its best to check beforehand. When you have the correct tools, feel free to use them accordingly. Plumbing snakes tend to be the best when it comes to removing clogs. Likewise, baking soda and vinegar or a tad of drain cleaner can help keep drains cleaned out and ready for use. Other tools you might need include:

  • Basin and pipe wrenches
  • Pliers
  • Hacksaws
  • Tubing cutters
  • Metal pliers
  • Drain augers
  • Plumbing tools, such as toilet and sink plungers

Step 3- Maintenance

After you’ve used the proper tools to remove a clog or clean the drain, you’ll want to keep up on regular maintenance. Your sink is a precious resource and increases your quality of life. Which is why the continuing maintenance is so crucial. Cleaning your garbage disposal is always a good idea as well. To do this, drop some orange or lemon peels down your sink with some ice cubes. Then, turn on the garbage disposal for thirty seconds. If you’re handling a bathtub or shower drain, the most likely cause of a clog will be hair. To prevent this, you’ll need to schedule a time to remove the hair before it causes a clog. This involves removing the drain cap and using a long, wiry object to scrap up the hair.

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