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Electrical Services Glendale, AZ

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What is Electricity?

Electricity is the most versatile form of energy we currently have on our planet. We have become incredibly reliant in every aspect of our life on electricity.

Sometimes when we walk across a carpeted room then touch something, that slight jolt we feel is electricity. The body gradually builds up an electric charge which needs to discharge and that charge is the tingling feeling we get.  

Lightning is a massive surge of electricity which is the end result of rain clouds rubbing against the air around them. This movement builds up a charge and eventually it leaps to the ground. The energy in one bolt of lightning is enough to power 100, 60 watt light bulbs for an entire day. Sometimes you can feel the electrical energy in the air when a storm is brewing.

Bottom line, electric power is the rate at which electric energy is transferred. Electric power is measured by capacity and is commonly expressed in megawatts (MW). (One megawatt is equal to one million watts.)

Your Home Electrical System

Electrical energy flows to your appliances and lights through your electrical panel, its breakers, fuses and circuits. There are many connections along the pathway between the neighborhood’s transformer, your panel and to your appliances and lights. Disruption can happen for a multitude of reasons and electricity can go places where you don’t want it to.

The electrical panel directs power throughout your home. The breakers or fuses will ‘pop’ when the current flow approaches a dangerous level. Wiring throughout the home is a vast highway of electricity and in many homes this wiring can break down over time creating an unseen danger that lurks behind the walls. As far as the main panel goes, some homes increase appliance use over time which can put circuits and fuses to a test in which fire is the result.

Home Inspections

If your home is not new then it is advisable to have a qualified electrician come out and perform a complete inspection. We live in a DIY world these days but when it comes to inspecting the electrical health of your home, having a professional is essential. Playing with electricity is no different than playing with fire – the end result can be disastrous. Having an electrician you can trust is like trusting your doctor – both may save your life one day.  

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