Carbon Monoxide Detection & Smoke Detectors in Glendale, AZAt Christian Brothers Air Conditioning Plumbing Electrical, our team offers reliable carbon monoxide detection and smoke detectors in Glendale, AZ. Our technicians will make sure your home doesn’t have hidden sources of carbon monoxide. Ensuring that your smoke detectors are on guard, you can sleep easier. Your furnace is not the only possible source of carbon monoxide concerns. Appliances and even attached garages can be sources. Smoke detector replacement ensures that danger from unattended cigarettes and candles, or unexpected electrical, cooking, and other fires lead to fast response, saving lives and property.

    Smoke detectors (or smoke alarms) are devices that warn you in the event of a fire. They are always on duty checking your air for traces of the gasses and smoke particles that a fire produces.

    Certified Carbon Monoxide Detection in Glendale, AZ

    Higher levels of odorless, colorless carbon monoxide in your home can lead to tragedy, while lesser amounts often produce headaches and a variety of symptoms. Professional carbon monoxide detection seeks out trace amounts that identify problems before your family is affected and concentrated amounts linger undetected. You may find, for instance, that your water heater is no longer running efficiently, and poor combustion is leading to carbon monoxide accumulating in the basement. In springtime, open windows might dilute the levels of carbon monoxide from a problem in your Glendale home. Periodic checks by our technicians can catch major concerns that require repairs and lingering trace amounts which are evidence that further investigation is needed. Carbon monoxide detection can help you address this serious concern.

    Carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, and can be found:
    • Near gas water heaters
    • By furnaces and via vents
    • In attached garages
    • Where portable generators are operating
    • Near malfunctioning gas stoves

    Smoke Detectors

    Does your home have the right number of smoke detectors, all with recent maintenance? Typically, a home should have at least one outside each sleeping area, one on each level including the basement, and at both ends of longer hallways over 30 feet. Detectors in each bedroom provide even more essential protection. That’s a lot of smoke detector replacement in Glendale, AZ, and lifesaving protection, for an average home. Rather than put attention for these units on your list for someday, save time and trouble and get it done professionally. Beyond simply pressing the test button, the right checks for your smoke detectors include battery replacement on schedule and dust removal to keep the sensor accurate. At about ten years in service, most units require complete replacement as the sensor becomes depleted.

    Care for smoke detector units can help with:
    • Battery replacement and cleaning
    • Replacement at end of service life
    • Tracking detector locations
    • Identifying potential additional locations
    • Doing ladder work to reach detectors

    Types of Smoke Detectors

    As mentioned above there are cheap detectors on the market and these are known as ionization alarms. They detect fast so you are alerted almost the moment there is trouble. That’s the good news.

    Photoelectric alarms are a bit more expensive, and they detect slow, smoldering fires much better than ionization detectors. The good news about photoelectric alarms is that they are less sensitive to toasters, steam from showers and cooking food so these are great to have installed near bathrooms and kitchens.

    Types of Smoke Detectors

    Some smoke alarms use normal household wiring as a form of power. This type of smoke alarm must have a battery for backup because let’s face it; fires can start if you are experiencing a blackout.

    Other smoke alarms are powered by only batteries. Regardless of the type of alarm you have, it is important that you maintain it properly and check it regularly to ensure it is working.

    Smoke Detector Benefits

    It is estimated that about 13 out of 14 homes in the U.S. now have smoke detectors installed. That’s the good news. The bad news is that almost half of all home fires occur in homes that do not have working smoke detectors. Over sixty percent of fire deaths occur in homes without working smoke detectors.

    Smoke detectors warn you of a fire when you are asleep and of course, they also provide a warning when you are awake. It is believed by many people that they should be able to smell smoke if there is a fire and this is not true. Many fires produce odorless toxic gasses.

    If a fire starts as you sleep you can succumb to these gasses without ever waking up. Smoke detectors provide you and your family with life-saving warnings to allow you to get out of the house before you are trapped.

    Smoke Detector Replacement Services

    The average household smoke detector contains a sensor that uses a special material that decays over time. It’s a practical, low-cost technology that has saved thousands of lives and plenty of property as well. The only catch is that it requires maintenance, including cleaning, battery replacement, and, eventually, complete smoke detector replacement. The slow decay of the sensor material is the key reason for a time-based replacement, usually ten years, but any reason to suspect that the detector is no longer reliable is a good reason. Even when detectors signal that they need attention, it’s often hard to find and even harder to reach. Our technicians are proactive, keeping track of your smoke detector units, testing them, and replacing them as needed.

    For expert carbon monoxide detection and care for your smoke detectors in Glendale, give Christian Brothers Air Conditioning Plumbing Electrical a call!

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