Tankless Water Heater Installation in Glendale, AZ

Glendale’s Best Tankless Water Heater Installation

In 1976, Christian Brothers Air Conditioning Plumbing Electrical started as a small company in Glendale, AZ, with just two friends. More than 40 years later, the company has grown into a mid-size company with excellent plumbing and tankless water heater installation services. In addition to our top-rated tankless water heater replacement services, we take customer service seriously, too. Take a look at the reviews on our website to see our service record. Over the years, we have achieved quite a few recognitions and awards.

Some of these are:
  • APS qualified contractor
  • Electric League of Arizona
  • Arizona Registrar of Contractors
  • Member of PORA

Trusted Glendale Tankless Water Heater Replacements

If you’re interested in a higher efficiency water heater in your Glendale home, contact us about installing a tankless water heater! These tankless models are great because they provide hot water as needed. Thus, the energy losses that happen with storage water heaters are avoided. Standard tanked units require around-the-clock heating to keep the water at the right temperature, while tankless models only heat the exact amount of hot water called for. In addition, tankless water heaters are smaller and don’t need a large space to store them. You won’t have to worry about finding space in your garage or basement.

Our plumbers install high-quality Trutankless Water Heaters. Once they install one in your Glendale home, they can show you how it works. Remember, with these heaters, you’ll get hot water “on-demand” and never run out of it!

Tankless Water Heater Installation in Glendale, AZ
Benefits of tankless water heaters:
  • Smaller in size
  • Less energy loss
  • Unlimited hot water supply
  • Longer lifespan than storage water heaters

Experienced, Efficient Plumbers

Because we have been in business for so many years, we have the advantage of offering homeowners the service of very skilled plumbers. This means our plumbers in Glendale can professionally install your tankless water heater without any problems. They will also show up on time and in uniform. They’ll arrive in the company truck prepared with all the tools they need.

If you’re not sure of how your heater works or the required maintenance steps, our plumbers will take the time to explain how to operate your new water heater in detail. Feel free to ask them questions about your heater. Our plumbers have a wealth of knowledge that they are happy to share. There is also more plumbing information on our blog, where we dole out tips and advice for customers.

Trusted Tankless Water Heater Installations

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Contact Christian Brothers Air Conditioning Plumbing Electrical for professional plumbing services in Glendale. We will be happy to install a tankless water heater in your home!