AC Tip #1:
Clean and/or Replace Air Filter
Replacement of your air conditioner air filter (or cleaning the air filter) is one of the most important regular AC maintenance tasks. It should be done once per month during Arizona seasons (like summer and winter) and once during the fall and spring.

AC Tip #2:
Check Wiring and Components
Before working on your air conditioner, ALWAYS start by turning off the power to the AC unit. This can be done at the disconnect on your AC unit, or the main breaker panel on your home.

AC Tip #3:
Examine Your Thermostat
Check your thermostat and make sure it’s working properly. Your thermostat keeps your home at the right temperature! If you have an older, or mechanical type thermostat, you may want to consider upgrading to a programmable model with higher energy-star ratings.

AC Tip #4:
Check Your Condenser AC Unit Fan
Start by turning the power off to your air conditioning unit. Check the fan mounted on the top of your condenser unit to make sure it’s working properly and efficiently.

AC Tip #5:
Clean Outside of The AC Unit
With time you find; leaves, dirt, and grass clippings building up on the outside of the air conditioner unit. Ultimately this decreases system capacity and reduces airflow.

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