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AC Tune Ups: How Important Are They?

When we talk about AC Tune ups its important to know exactly what we’re dealing with. Similar to a pipe inspection for your plumbing or scheduling a yearly physical with your doctor, an AC tune up acts as preventive care for your unit.

Taking time to schedule an appointment is never easy. It seems like there is always something on the schedule. However, with the efficiency and savings you’ll receive, AC tune ups are incredibly beneficial to the homeowner.

Despite this benefit, it seems like most homeowners tend to avoid scheduling AC tune ups. That is exactly why we want to make a list of all these benefits!

Benefits of an AC Tune Up

1. Cost savings

Many homeowners forget the amount they will save if they have a fully top notch functioning unit. A well maintained unit can save you up to 15% on your energy bill each month. Imagine saving that much every month of the year! You’d be adding to your bank account as well as have a comfortable home.