The Basics of Electric Vehicle Home Charging
June 17

The Basics of Electric Vehicle Home Charging

Americans are making the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) faster than the industry expected. It’s an exciting time but also a bit daunting for many… View Article Read More

How to Install Outdoor Lighting for Security
May 15

How to Install Outdoor Lighting for Security

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April 2

Safety Measures to Prevent Electrical Fires

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LED Lights vs Traditional Bulbs: What's More Efficient?
February 12

LED Lights vs Traditional Bulbs: What’s More Efficient?

In an average American home, lighting typically accounts for approximately 15% of the total electricity usage. How much you pay in energy costs for lighting… View Article Read More

Understanding the Basics of Home Automation
January 18

Understanding the Basics of Home Automation

Home automation is the technology-based magic wand that transforms everyday dwellings into futuristic smart homes, elevating unprecedented comfort, efficiency, and control. Modern homes transcend traditional… View Article Read More

Rewiring in Glendale, AZ
December 1

10 Reasons to Consider Rewiring Your House

If you own a home in Glendale, AZ, you know how important its electrical system is to your daily life. Without it, your appliances wouldn’t… View Article Read More

Electric Vehicle Charging EV Charging Station In Glendale, AZ
December 16

Do EV Chargers Work More Slowly in the Winter?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are definitely the way of the future. There have been huge advancements in technology in the past decade or so that have… View Article Read More

Whole Home Surge Protector in Glendale, AZ
September 13

How Does a Whole-Home Surge Protector Work?

Whole-home surge protectors are a smart investment that can protect your electrical system and appliances from damage caused by a spike in electricity. If a… View Article Read More

Savings in Glendale, AZ
June 20

How Unplugging Your Devices Can Cut Your Utility Costs

Perhaps after turning off your appliances or devices, you assume that they’re no longer using electricity. Yet this is not the case. Most household appliances—including… View Article Read More