If you’re suddenly stuck with only cold water, you may need to ignite the pilot light on your water heater. This is an important part of having the system running properly. You can do this relatively quickly if you follow a few easy steps.

Automatic Water Heater Pilot Light Procedure

For those of you who have an automatic water heater, you’re going to have a small button that’s called an “ignition” button on the small box that’s sticking out of the side.

If you see that button, follow these steps. First, turn off your water heater by setting the “pilot / on/off” button on the small box to “off.”

Wait five minutes at this point so gas can clear out and so that you do not start a fire. Also, set the temperature on the water heater to “low.”

At this point, just hold down the pilot button and press the ignition button at the same time. The pilot light will then be lit! Keep holding down the pilot button for 30 seconds. After that, you are finished.

Manual Water Heater Pilot Light Procedure

If you don’t have an “ignition” button, then you have a manual water heater. If you’ve got a manual system, you’ll first remove the plate on the side of your water heater right below the box that’s sticking out on the side with the buttons on it.

After that, check the interior for an additional plate. Remove that plate as well if needed. You’re going to look for a pipe or multiple pipes that lead up to your burner. That’s what you’re going to light.

Make sure you’ve got a very long light. Then, set the “pilot” button or dial it to “off.”

At this point, wait five minutes so that any gas can clear the surrounding area. Next, set the temperature to “low.”

Then, turn the pilot button or dial to the “pilot” setting and press down and hold it while using your very long lighter or long wooden match to light the furnace’s burner.

Remember to hold down the pilot button for a full 30 seconds. After that, set the temperature back to the preferred setting for your furnace.

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