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Paradise Valley Electricians, AZ

Electrical work is an important job that takes skill, training and experience to be done right. That’s why you should choose us for your electrical needs in Paradise Valley, AZ. As a company, we’ve got all of those attributes along with decades-long commitment to superior customer service. We’re always trying to improve and stay on top of new techniques and products, which means that you will always get the very best all-around quality.

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Set the Bar for Service

No matter if your electrical job is big or small, we’ve got it covered! Our services include:

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Your electricity use needs may have changed over the years. You need your main panel in order to “break up” the electricity use and distribution. You may want to consider upgrading your panel because space and/or capacity limitations may prohibit expansion. You may not have the capacity to run all of your appliances and electronic gadgets effectively. Another option if you have an older home with a fuse panel is to upgrade to a breaker panel. Fuse panels are obsolete, can be dangerous and often carry an increase in insurance premiums.

House Rewiring

If you have an older home, you may want to consider rewiring. Simply put, older wiring can cause a significant fire hazard, especially if this old wiring is near or in contact with insulation. There are a few signs that your home may be in need of rewiring, other than its age. Be on the lookout for circuit breakers that trip often, charred outlets or switches and a burnt smell that appears often and/or lingers. Another tip- if you have aluminum wiring (which was common in older homes) you may need to get that replaced for safety’s sake.

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