Plumbing Leak Detection in Avondale, AZ

Christian Brothers is the top name for plumbing leak detection in Avondale, AZ. Leaky pipes are more than a mere nuisance. They could lead to some serious water damage if they’re not repaired. Leaks aren’t always easy to find, but you might notice a drop in your water pressure first. Plus, on top of poor water pressure, you could receive a sky-high water bill.

If you suspect something your pipes have sprung a leak, our water leak detection service can help.

Superior Plumbing Leak Detection Services

Detecting a leaky pipe doesn’t mean your home has to be ripped apart. With the latest acoustic technology, we’ll isolate the leak’s source without touching anything. Quickly figuring out where the leak originates makes it easy to plan a repair. Leaking plumbing could cause serious water damage otherwise. Leaks happen for a variety of reasons, but they’re all serious. A simple crack might develop on your plumbing due to age. Then, it could begin to spread until your whole pipe bursts. At that point, you’d have to replace the whole thing.

Water Leak Detection Services in AZ

There are several ways you can tell there’s a leak in your plumbing.

  • Your water meter suddenly shows a spike in usage
  • Maintaining water pressure becomes a lot more difficult
  • Water temperature doesn’t feel steady
  • Wet spots appear on the walls or ceiling
  • Sounds of water dripping from behind the wall or under the floor

Professional water leak detection can help you determine what’s causing those symptoms. Repairing a leak is a lot easier whenever you’ve found its source. If you feel like there’s a leak at home, Christian Brothers would love to help!

Dependable Water Leak Detection Services

Christian Brothers has been helping people for over 40 years. We’ve found leaky pipes all over the Avondale community. And, with locations right in Glendale, we’re available around the clock. Our 24/7 emergency service provides help from Phoenix to Scottsdale. Find us right on W Belmont Ave, or you can just give us a call. Our certified plumbers are ready to assist at all hours. For further proof, just look at our Google reviews. At over 4.6 stars, people have a lot to say about our quality services.

Are you trying to get to the bottom of a leaky pipe? Give us a call at Christian to schedule your plumbing leak detection!