Surprise Electrical

When it comes to Surprise electrical repair and installation contractors, we’re tops. Let us be your Surprise Electricians. Call us at (623) 201-5066. We take pleasure in offering our loyal clients even deeper savings through our online sales and coupons. Click here to view our most recent promotions.

Surprise Electrical

Are you considering putting on an addition? Are you looking for surge protection? Surround sound in your walls? Redoing your light fixtures? Has your current electrical wiring configuration outgrown your family’s needs? Whatever it is you seek, we have the solutions to provide you with sound electrical work, delivered by punctual, capable, polite technicians who appreciate the honor of getting to work on your home.

It’s one thing to do a good job. It’s another thing to do such a good job that others feel compelled to share. While we contend that our quality work speaks for itself, it helps that we’ve got so many satisfied customers singing our praises too. Click here to read reviews from your Surprise, AZ area.

Full Surprise Electrical Arizona Services

Whatever your electrical job need, big or small, we’ve got it covered!

Relax, We’ll Take Care of the Work

Are you dreaming of creating a backyard oasis to take advantage of Surprise, AZ’s temperate climate? Does it include a relaxing hot tub or pool? As you probably already know, wiring, electricity and water can create a host of problems (some of them very dangerous) when combined, if the wiring is not done correctly. Having a qualified electrician means minimal fuss, no mistakes and you’ll be enjoying that hot tub or pool straight away. Do you need electrical repair in Surprise, AZ?

Upgrade of Main Electrical Repair Service and Breaker Panel in Surprise, AZ 

Older panels have limitations on space and on how much they can handle. Both space and insurance qualifications will dictate if you can add more circuits or not. If you have lots of appliances, or if your current energy needs and usage has grown beyond what you currently can service, it makes sense to upgrade. This is especially common in older homes, where the original wiring could not have anticipating our appliance-friendly society. We can help with that, by upgrading what you’ve got.

Electrical work not only takes skill, training, certification and knowledge, it takes experience. Christian Bros Plumbing and Air Conditioning have all of those as well as a strong commitment to consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations here in Surprise, AZ and the surrounding area. Call us today at (623) 201-5066 to get the ball rolling. We’re here to help!