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Exceptional water heater performance begins with professional installation work. If you’re considering installing a new tankless, solar or traditional water heat system in your home, we offer the ideal service. Our team is widely respected for professional installation services.

We work with all makes and models of water heater and have significant experience installing the latest systems for homeowners in the local Tolleson, AZ area. Each element of our installation work is designed to assure high-efficiency home water heating performance for many years to come.

Our experts continue to receive great reviews from your local neighbors. To read our newest customer testimonials, click here.  

Market-Leading Warranties for Assured Plumbing Performance

Without a full understanding of the type and scale of work required to repair their Plumbing systems, homeowners rely upon their service teams to ensure quality work at a fair price. Here at Christian Brothers, we’re committed to quality service work and we prove our commitment with our comprehensive warranties.

Our company warranties protect your investment, and ensure that service professionals are ready and waiting to answer your call if you experience any further issues after our repairs have been completed. And because we offer all pricing information up front, as well a premium guarantee, you’ll be able to see the value of our service and make your decision on repairs based on a full, fairly-priced quote.  

New Arizona Water Purification Technology

The latest water purification systems are designed to keep contaminants such as metals and pesticides out of your family’s home drinking water. Our trusted team at Christian Brothers has an outstanding depth of experience in water purification technology.

We’ve installed a full range of systems for clients throughout the region and we also offer comprehensive water purification support services for those with systems maintenance issues. Our experience also means we can help you select the most suitable water purification system for your unique home and family needs.

Using Innovative Plumbing Technology to Assure Seamless Drain Repair

Our team at Christian Brothers has taken a position at the forefront of the local marketplace by continuously adapting the latest technology for use in our day-to-day work. An example of this approach is shown through our use of in-line video during drain inspections.

Our video systems can be used to complete a full visual inspection of your home drain system. It’s how we can quickly assess potential drain issues and then begin resolving the problem immediately after the inspection. Through this approach, we’re able to reduce our repair and maintenance times and help homeowners reduce their service costs.  

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