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Make no mistake, we are your Paradise Valley Plumbers of choice offering quality Paradise Valley Plumbing and water heater services. Not only do we provide the best service around, we also like to offer our loyal customers extra savings for plumbing in Paradise Valley, AZ. 

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Plumbing in Paradise Valley, AZ

Choosing a plumber isn’t just about skill and price. It’s also about finding someone you can trust. We provide Plumbing in Paradise Valley, AZ. Your home or office matters a great deal to you- and so it matters to us as well.

You can trust us to do the best job with the best people and the best tools every time. We love what we do and it shows. We’ve got deep roots in your community of Paradise Valley, AZ that span back nearly four decades. We’ve built a solid reputation over the years, which means you confidently can rely on us. Our word is our bond- and we back it with action that counts.

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Sewer Line Installation and Repair

Some signs that your sewer line may be in trouble are an indentation in the lawn, a foul or musty odor and water bills that mysteriously increase. We can help with that problem in a variety of ways. We use excavation method to expose the damaged pipe and repair it. Or, depending on the area around the sewer line in question, we might elect the trenchless method. In many cases the trenchless method is preferable because it leaves the lawn, landscaping and gardening more intact. If you have a drain clog it’s recommended to contact a professional immediately.

Hot Water Heater Installation and Repair

How do you know if something is wrong with your hot water heater? A few sure-fire signs are rumbling or whining noises, rusty colored water, no hot water or an unpleasant sulfur smell.  You may be wondering if you should repair your hot water heater or replace it outright. One major criterion is the age of the system. If your unit is older, you may want to consider replacing it with a more energy efficient one.

Paradise Valley Hot Water Heater Tips

A little proactive preventative maintenance now can lengthen the life of your hot water heater and reduce the likelihood of problems. Flush the unit once a year to rid it of any sediment. It’s a good idea to keep the thermostat frequently to make sure that it is set to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, to save on energy costs. Speak to a representative to secure your appointment for plumbing in paradise valley, AZ.

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