As a homeowner, you should inspect your ductwork often to ensure it distributes cold or warm air efficiently across your house. You can find it in the basement or attic. Turn the furnace or air conditioner on to activate the blower so you can detect any loose joint in your supply ducts.

Leaking air ducts lead to increased energy bills, excessive humidity, uncomfortably hot or cold spaces, dust accumulation, and musty odors. Luckily, there are various duct-sealing methods you can utilize to fix the situation.

You can either use duct-sealing tape, Aeroseal, or mastic duct sealants. In this article, we’re going to look into details about the Aeroseal duct-sealing method. Keep reading to learn more.

Understanding Aeroseal Duct Sealing

It’s a professional sealing technique designed to close any leaks within the interior of ductwork. The method doesn’t coat the entire ducts; it just finds and fixes the leaks. Aeroseal duct sealant contains some polymers and long-tail molecules that bind together to seal up any misalignment, leaks, or holes in your ductwork. Therefore, it doesn’t require tearing into your walls, stripping out insulation, or even crawling through to your attics.

The process involves applying synthetic nanoparticles that fit together to bridge the ductwork gaps in your HVAC unit and any openings. It’s one of the best accomplishments of the U.S. Dept. of Energy & Environmental Protection Agency.

Additionally, it might be the only solution for you, especially if you have ducts located underground and are, consequently, very hard to access. The method is gaining popularity even among new home builders. It works well for both residential and commercial ducts.

How It Works

Mainly, the Aeroseal duct sealant works by following the natural flow of air through your system to seal any cracks or holes efficiently. The process begins with an inspection or a pre-leakage test. First, your technician will block the air supply to run a pretest that determines the leakage’s extent in your ductwork. It pays to have a professional inspect your systems regularly to prevent damaging the unit further or hurting yourself in an attempt to reach hard-to-access areas.

After the inspection, if the technician finds a leakage, your system is prepared for Aeroseal sealing. The preparation process involves blocking access to your HVAC unit using foam to prevent the sealant from entering your system. It forces the air to escape only through the leaks. The technician will create an alternative inflow of the sealant and air.

Now your technician can add the Aeroseal to the duct together with pressurized air. As the air tries to escape through the available holes, it draws the sealant’s polymer particles into these sections. They then adhere to the openings and build up until they completely seal the leak. It’s worth noting that the process only uses up a small amount of the sealant even for extensive openings.

After the sealing process, the technician conducts a post leakage test to detect whether the sealant efficiently closed the leakages. It involves using a computer to give a detailed analysis showing the before and after results of the duct by monitoring the internal pressure. This step helps to identify other leaks you probably didn’t know about to correct the problem.

Depending on the company, your technician may even print out a report showing your pre-leakage and post-leakage results as well as your projected energy savings. You should expect to feel an immediate improvement in the air quality in your house immediately after sealing.

Aeroseal offers numerous benefits compared to other methods. It approaches the task from the interior of your ducts, and it’s also faster and more thorough. Other merits you’ll enjoy by using this method include the following.

  1. Utilizes Cutting Edge Technology
    Aeroseal uses the latest technology to seal any leaks in your ducts while overcoming the limitations of traditional methods. The duct-sealing process is one of the most beneficial energy inventions for consumers. It has won several awards, including the Environmental Leaders’ top product of the year in 2018.
  2. Safe and Non-toxic
    The best thing about Aeroseal duct sealing is that it doesn’t leave any awful odor in your house. It contains tested and approved sealing materials and water-based solutions. Therefore, it doesn’t pose health issues to your family members or pets.
  3. Longevity and Dependability
    The product has undergone extensive research and testing, even in the harshest heating and cooling conditions. It can withstand extreme temperature variations and can last up to 15 years without replacement and comes with a 10-year warranty.
  4. Helps Save on Energy
    The sealant completely closes all duct openings to prevent conditioned air from escaping, making it so your HVAC system doesn’t have to work very hard to produce the desired temperature. You’ll spend less on bills, saving on your financial resources.
  5. Contributes to Better Air Quality
    When your ductwork has cracks, it recirculates dust, pet dander, pollen, and other elements into your house. Aeroseal duct sealant prevents the movement of such pollutants and other particles throughout your home. It helps reduce symptoms of allergy, asthma, and other respiratory conditions.
  6. Protects You from Expensive Repairs
    Aeroseal duct sealing improves airflow in your HVAC system, so it runs smoothly throughout the year. It reduces stress on your units, minimizing chances of tear and wear. Your system will last longer, and as a result, you’ll save on repair and replacement costs.
  7. Boosts Your Comfort Level
    Leaks in your ducts can cause some hot and cold spots in the house, making the conditions in some rooms unbearable. Still, the duct-sealing method stops cold air from escaping or warm air from circulating into some spaces to evenly cool or heat your house.

Final Thoughts

If you continuously use your HVAC unit, the ducts may contract and expand during the heating or cooling process. Over time, they may loosen up to create some openings that can affect your system’s efficiency. The only solution is sealing the leaks to solve frustrating temperature variations or a spike in utility bills.

Most traditional duct-sealing methods require application in the exterior parts of the ductwork. It makes it hard to access leaks in problematic areas. That’s where the Aeroseal duct-sealant method comes in since it helps fix even the hidden openings behind drywall. Though it’s possible to fix duct holes yourself, Aeroseal sealing requires a professional approach. Let an expert fix your leaky ductwork for better results by reaching out to Christian Brothers Air Conditioning Plumbing Electrical.

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