When your air conditioning system is running great, you likely don’t give it much thought. However, when you start to hear a squeak, it could be one of a number of issues. By understanding what these issues are, you can better understand what’s wrong with your home’s air conditioning system.

Fan Belt Issue

Probably the most common reason that your air conditioning system is squeaking is that it has a fan belt issue. Take a moment to examine the fan belt to see if it’s properly aligned. It should be situated between the lips of the pulleys. If it’s up over one lip, then it needs to be repositioned so that it can run correctly. Letting your fan belt continue to run when it’s misaligned can lead to unwanted fraying and ultimate damage to your fan belt.

If your belt is properly aligned, it may just be worn out. In places that experience high levels of humidity, the fan belt can expand and contract, which will prematurely wear it out. It’s important to realize that the noise may come and go with changes in temperature.

Condenser Fan Bearings

In newer air conditioning systems, there is no condenser fan belt. Rather, there are bearings that are responsible for attaching the fan. You’ll be able to identify this problem when you hear your air conditioning system squeal every time that it runs. This issue should be addressed very quickly, as letting your system continue to run with bad bearings can result in more damage to other components of your air conditioning system.

Your AC System Has Been Sitting a While

When you first start up your air conditioning system after it has been sitting for several months without running, it’s likely to make some odd noises. It’s not too concerning if it squeals upon start-up for a couple of minutes and then goes quiet. In this case, it’s just your system working the kinks out, and the squealing is not likely to return.

Malfunctioning Blower Motor

Another reason that your air conditioner may be emitting a squealing noise is that its blower motor is starting to malfunction. When your motor reaches the end of its lifespan, it’s not uncommon for it to create unusual noises. It’s typically best to call in an HVAC professional sooner rather than later if you believe that your blower motor is going bad. You don’t want to be stuck with a broken air conditioning system.

Outdoor Compressor Failure

Inside your outdoor AC unit is a compressor. This internal part is responsible for moving refrigerant between your evaporator and condenser coils. This allows the refrigerant to change from a gas to a liquid as necessary. When the compressor becomes damaged, it can start to build up unwanted pressure.

This can lead to a high-pitched squealing noise that should easily alert you of a problem. You need to shut your system off immediately. If you suspect that the compressor is starting to fail, then you should contact an HVAC technician to handle its replacement promptly.

Other Unusual Sounds That Your AC May Make

Your centralized air conditioning system has many moving parts. When a particular part starts to malfunction, it will likely create an unusual noise. Whenever you hear something out of the norm, it’s best to get it checked out by a technician sooner rather than later.

Buzzing Noise

There are a few different reasons that you may hear a buzzing noise coming from your air conditioning system. The most severe reason is that you’ve developed a leak in the copper refrigerant lines. This needs to be addressed right away as refrigerant can be a dangerous chemical. Other reasons for a buzzing noise include an unbalanced fan blade, loose fan blade, faulty outdoor fan motor, and other loose components inside of your air conditioning system.

Banging Noise

Whenever your air conditioning system starts to make a banging or clunking noise, it should be an indication of a problem that needs to be addressed right away. It’s best to shut your air conditioning system off to prevent any further damage to other system components.

A banging noise could signal that there is debris stuck in the fan blades in your outdoor condenser unit. This noise could also indicate that a part in your air conditioning system, like a nut, has come loose and is banging up against other system components.

Clicking Noise

When your air conditioning system kicks on and off, you should hear a slight clicking noise. However, if the clicking continues as your AC system is running, it’s an indication of a problem. Most likely, there is an electrical connection or relay that is faulty and needs to be replaced. Make sure that you turn your air conditioning system fully off to avoid any electrical hazards until it can be properly fixed by a technician.

Clunking Noise

In most older air conditioning systems, you may run into the issue of experiencing a clunking noise. This is an indication that your motor is lacking lubrication. Due to the intricate design of these units, it’s necessary to call in a professional to handle lubricating the motor in your air conditioning system.

Grinding Noise

Another noise that your air conditioning system will make when there is a problem is a grinding noise. This is almost always attributed to a worn-out compressor unit or loose fan belt. When it’s a worn-out compressor, the grinding is the result of refrigerant being compressed.

Humming Noise

When your air conditioning system normally runs, there is a very low-pitched humming noise that you’ll become accustomed to hearing. However, when a component in your air conditioning system starts to become loose, it will undergo more vibration than normal. This will create a slightly louder humming noise that will continue to get louder over time. It’s best to get this problem fixed quickly to ensure that the loose part doesn’t come flying off and damage other internal components of your home’s air conditioning system.

Get Issues Fixed Sooner Rather Than Later

When you first notice that your air conditioning system is making a weird noise, it should throw up a red flag. While not every problem will require you to immediately shut off your air conditioning system until a professional can assess it, some of them will. For this reason, it’s best to contact an HVAC technician to explain the issue and follow their guidance as far as running or not running your AC system.

You never want to let these problems persist, as they can end up resulting in more parts being damaged inside of your air conditioning system. Instead of just replacing one part, you may end up replacing multiple expensive parts all because you didn’t seek professional assistance when you should have.

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