What Is A Service Partner Plan?

Over the last decade, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC services have changed drastically. With increasingly available technology and a new focus on customer service, these services companies are becoming more efficient than ever. As a result, the need and access to preferred services has also increased. Created to meet these needs for a more personal service experience, we created our own Service Partner Plan.

A Service Partner Plan works as a subscription to an extensive list of benefits to our services. Some of those benefits include priority service, maintenance checks, and a 15% discount on any paid service. We offer these plans as a way to increase the satisfaction of our customers by building a partnership based on trust and reliability. No longer will homeowners be subject to the actions of a services company that doesn’t even remember their name. With a Service Partner Plan your 100% satisfaction is our guarantee.

Similarly, the benefits of a Service Partner Plan will go beyond the immediate repair. With annual preventive inspections, you’ll avoid breakdowns, lower your energy bills, and gain peace of mind. We’ll also send over an assigned technician who is trained in repair and customer service. They will diagnose the problem and give you all the options before beginning a repair. Thus giving you opportunities to decide what is best for you and your family.

The Service Partner Plan is made to provide you the best possible service. When you have an emergency and need a plumber right away, just give us a call. With a Service Partner Plan, you’ll jump to the front of the line. We’ll handle yours first.

At Christian Brothers, we don’t want you to go unnoticed. The next time we send a technician to your home, ask him about the available options for a Service Partner Plan. Also, you can check out our previous blog post 3 Reasons Why A Service Partner Plan Will Benefit The Homeowner. To make an appointment, give us a call at (623) 201-5066.