Professional plumbers use a variety of materials when installing pipework in homes and businesses. Depending on the purpose of the pipe, they might use polyvinyl chloride (PVC), cast iron, copper, or even cross-linked polyethylene (PEX). All of these materials have unique benefits and disadvantages, which make them appropriate for some uses and not for others. Copper is one of the most desirable materials to use as it’s incredibly versatile and can safely handle drinking water. Here are a few of the reasons copper is used frequently in plumbing.


Any pipe that contains your drinking water needs to be safe. If the pipe leaks chemicals or other contaminants, your household’s health could be impacted. This is especially important when your plumbing is in your basement or walls. Copper is relatively nontoxic compared to other piping options available on the market. Numerous studies and decades of research have indicated that copper is safe for a range of organic life. This makes copper superior to other options. Water pipes were once commonly made from lead, which has been found to have substantial impacts on both mental and physical well-being. The danger from lead pipes is especially severe when children are exposed.

Easy to Cut and Assemble

Copper is easier to work with than iron or brass. It’s a much softer metal, making it easier to bend and position in tight corners. Copper can easily be molded and shaped to fit in behind walls and appliances. It’s also easy to bind copper pieces together with soldering, leading to a more efficient installation process. Iron is difficult to work with and may not be able to be used in tight spaces. Copper is a superior material in that very little of it has to be wasted or left unused when being installed.


Have you ever worried if anything can leak into your water supply? With copper pipes, your chances of contamination are incredibly low. Copper is nonpermeable and doesn’t let anything pass through it into your water. It also doesn’t absorb any substances or contaminants it comes in contact with. This trait is essential for pipes involved in your water supply. For example, PEX pipes are permeable to some substances, which has led to increased risks of contamination. Copper is a superior material in that it keeps all hazards away from your home’s drinking water.

Doesn’t Corrode Easily

Corrosion is a natural process that happens over time when metals are exposed to oxygen or other oxidants. When this process occurs within your pipes, you’re more likely to deal with flooding and bursting. You may even begin consuming flakes or particles of the pipe. Unlike iron water pipes, copper is naturally resistant to corrosion. You also won’t have to worry about rust developing in or on your pipes. Copper gives you peace of mind and greatly diminishes your chances of dealing with emergencies caused by corrosion.

Exceptional Durability

Your home needs pipes that are going to last over the years. Faulty or weak materials can break down suddenly and without warning, causing monumental damage and huge costs. Copper can withstand a variety of environments without losing its durability or integrity. This metal can handle high temperatures without losing its shape or melting. It can also tolerate high water pressure and won’t break down over time due to corrosion. Copper maintains its exceptional strength for decades, giving your home access to safe and clean drinking water. This unique durability makes copper one of the most common materials used in plumbing today.


Installing new pipes in your home can be expensive depending on the material you choose. Due to copper’s natural flexibility and abundance, it’s not expensive to install in your home. Copper is a ductile metal that can be pulled into the smallest of wires. It’s able to be changed and adjusted without losing its valuable traits. Copper is a multi-purpose, multi-use metal that can be utilized in every part of a plumbing line from the joints to the elbows. You get the most value for your money when you invest in copper plumbing.

Low Maintenance

Another great benefit of copper pipes is their low maintenance requirements. Copper doesn’t need to be painted or otherwise treated to maintain its appearance. During the year, you can wipe your pipes down to remove dust and other residues. Your local plumbing company will have no issue ensuring your copper pipes retain their excellent efficiency. After investing in the initial installation costs, you won’t have to spend much more on upkeep of your copper pipes over the years.

Increases Home Value

Copper is one of the most popular metals because of its naturally pleasing look. The appearance of copper has even contributed to its popularity as a roofing material. Copper pipes look nice in the home and can increase the value of your residence on the market. You’ll have an easier time impressing potential buyers and making a sale. Since copper lasts for decades, your older copper will still look fantastic even years after installation. Copper is a superior investment in your home’s safety and value.


Improving your home’s eco-friendliness lowers your overall impact on the world around you. Choosing the right plumbing materials for your home can lower your carbon footprint. Copper is an abundant, naturally occurring metal that has very little impact on the environment. It lasts for years, minimizing your need for more material in the future. Copper is also recyclable, so it can be broken down or repurposed for other projects.

Superior Plumbing Material

Copper has been used to protect water lines for thousands of years. It has a substantial life span and can withstand a variety of environments and treatments. Using copper for your home’s water supply will protect your drinking water from hazardous contamination. This material can also increase the value and aesthetic appeal of your property.

While copper is a versatile and flexible material, it’s important to consult a plumber before starting any DIY plumbing remodels. Different materials excel as water, gas, and sewer lines. Using an unsuitable material can impact the safety of your home and the overall efficiency of your plumbing. Licensed plumbers have the training and experience to identify the ideal material for different plumbing projects.

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