Whether you have a clog or a few slow-moving drains in your Glendale, AZ home, you may be tempted to use a low-cost, store-bought drain cleaner. These corrosive products are marketed as fast-acting, easy to employ, and completely safe. Unfortunately, almost none of their drawbacks are listed on their labels. Before you take matters into your own hands, consider these seven solid reasons why you should have your plumbing hydro-jetted instead.

Hydro-Jetting Is Safer

Using store-bought drain cleaners is never advised. These products rarely produce the intended results, nd thten cause more harm than good. More importantly, they can be hazardous to your health. Many of the most popular drain cleaners contain incredibly hazardous ingredients like:

  • Sulfuric acid
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Sodium hydroxide

These and other agents found in store-bought drain cleaners can burn the eyes, respiratory passages, and skin. Sure, you can don a mask, a pair of gloves, and a long-sleeve shirt to keprotect yourselfhen using them, but what happens when they don’t work? Homeowners are left with large amounts of highly toxic water that must be bailed out.

Hydro-jetting doesn’t involve the use of any chemicals. It’s performed entirely with high-pressure jets of water that force blockages through plumbing and get clogged or slow-moving drains back into action. There’s no messy cleanup, and there’s no risk of burned eyes, lungs, or skin.

Freshen Up Your Plumbing From End to End

If you’ve got foul-smelling drains, this isindicateshat the sidewalls of your pipes are coated in grime. In kitchens, the interior of pipes is often covered in a thick, slimy accumulation of oil, grease, rotten food, and other debris. So, while pouring equal parts baking soda and white vinegar down a dirty drain is a common recommendation, you’re wasting your pantry items on tough buildups. This is especially true in bathroom drains where these accumulations are largely comprised of stubborn soap scum and large amounts of human hair.

Hydro-jetting will scour these odorous buildups off. This will leave your drains smelling fresher. It will also provide the benefit of cleaner and more sanitary sinks, bathtubs, wash basins, and shower pans.

Prevent Future Drainage Issues

Even plumbers need high-tech, small-sized cameras to know what’s actually going on inside of residential pipes. When you dump store-bought drain cleaners into a sink or any other drain, you can never be sure that the problem is actually resolved. InIf this solutionlears your drain and gets things moving along, there’s always the possibility that larger debris remains and thght get caught further along the way. Clearing a clogged or slow-moving bathroom sink might feel like a major accomplishment now, but the tide will turn when a larger blockage manifests later on.

Hydro-jetting is a highly successful treatment for many plumbing issues. However, in the rare event that it doesn’t actually solve a plumbing problem, licensed professionals will be on hand to both troubleshoot and find an alternative solution. It’s important to note that before hydro-jetting is selected as a treatment, we carefully consider a broad range of factors. For instance, we account for the age of your plumbing. Although newer pipes and pipes that are at the mid-point of their lives can reliably stand up to high-pressure water jets, pipes that are nearing the time for replacement often cannot.

Once we’ve verified your plumbing’s integrity, we’ll also ensure that the blockage in your system isn’t a solid, large-sized obstruction that can’t be moved with water and that you don’t have a section of collapsed or otherwise damaged pipe. Thus, by the time we turn the jets on, we already have a really clear expectation that hydro-jetting will get the job done.

Hydro-Jetting Is Often the Least Invasive Approach

Some plumbing issues have their epicenter in the most inconvenient places. In these instances, manually clearing blockages could require cutting into your walls, removing entire sections of drywall, and taking out large sections of pipe. Hydro-jetting is an innovative procedure that often allows plumbers to bypass these invasive measures altogether. It’s much easier to simply break blockages down and scour the sidewalls of pipes clean than it is to patch drywall back in, match the original texturing, and match the original paint. EvThereated area may never look the same. even with professional painting and drywall repairs, hydro-jetting can be performed without making any structural or aesthetic alterations to the building.

Take Care of the Problem for Good

While store-bought drain cleaners, plungers, and drain snakes can sometimes provide short-term relief, hydro-jetting is both an effective treatment and a solid preventative measure. These treatments can restore the interior of your pipes to an almost like-new condition by eradicating all built-up debris. In addition, if there are potential blockages just down the proverbial pipeline, hydro-jetting will eliminate them even as it clears up your current problem.

Hydro-jetting as a preventative measure can be especially helpful in large and bustling households with near-constant drain use. In addition, if you have pipes that are still relatively early in their lifespans, this may be a great way to freshen up your drains, prevent issues with drain gnats, and keep serious, future plumbing problems at bay.

Hydro-Jetting Offers a Sanitary Approach

There’s nothing worse than watching a drain snake come out of your bathtub drain while dragging a length of smelly, dark-colored filth. Unfortunately, even plunging a drain can have its drawbacks in this respect. Whether it works or doesn’t work, plunging leaves you with a bacteria-covered implement that must be cleaned, dried, and stored. You also have to carefully wipe up all of the drips and solid dregs that these plumbing tools leave behind.

The things that go down your drains are meant to pass out of your home, not reenter it. Hydro-jetting pushes blockages of grease, dirt, soap scum, hair, and other nasty debris in the right direction. When you have your hydro-jetted drains won’t feel squeamish about stepping into your tub or shower with bare feet. Moreover, produce and other foods thaccidentallyropped into your kitchen sink won’t be a total loss.

Hydro-jetting is the most sanitary choice in other ways too. For example, if you have pervasive drain odors in your home, you can be sure that bacteria and other harmful pathogens are present. Creating cleaner drains doesn’t just get rid of odors. It also flushes out the dangerous microorganisms that are responsible for them.

This Drain Cleaning Method Is Incredibly Flexible

As both a treatment and a preventative measure, hydro-jetting is incredibly flexible. It can be used to address slow-moving drains, dirty, odor-ridden drains, and drains that are outright blocked.

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