You may have a water heater that is failing or even a unit that simply needs repair. We at Christian Brothers Air Conditioning Plumbing Electrical in Glendale, AZ, want to get your situation resolved quickly and safely. Not having hot water in your home is both an inconvenience and a health hazard. We also have customers who are making the transition to a new tankless water heater. They are looking to save money on gas and electricity. In any event, we will install your new water heater safely and without issues.

Water Heater Signs of Trouble

Water heaters require regular maintenance. One of the biggest issues in water heater maintenance is draining the water heater once per year. This gets the accumulated sediments out of the tank. Sadly, many homeowners in their busy lives neglect this task.

A water heater with sediments accumulated in the bottom of the tank can make your water heater work harder. This costs you more in energy. All of that sediment can block your water heater’s pressure relief valve. This can create a dangerous situation. Incoming cold water can also stir up the sediment and send it to your faucets, where it can clog the lines. Think of the scaling you see in your shower head. Finally, that build up of sediment can lead to premature failure and leaks in the tank.

There are signs that your water heater is in either need of repair or replacement.

  • Tapping, gurgling or knocking sounds
  • Leaks
  • Water looks cloudy or smells bad

If you have any one of these signs of water heater failure, call us at Christian Brothers Air Conditioning Plumbing Electrical right away. Call us even if the issue is intermittent. Intermittent issues do not tend to improve over time. They are symptoms of a greater problem. Water heaters are designed to faithfully serve you for 10 to 15 years with proper maintenance.

Tank Water Heater Installation – Gas Heated

Actually, the first step in water heater installation is to ensure you need a new one. We will diagnose your present water heater and determine if you need a repair or a replacement. We do not need to get a city permit to install your water heater because we are licensed.

The old water heater needs to be removed. That entails turning off the water supply and the gas at the line. The tank is then drained. The gas line is removed and temporarily capped for everyone’s safety. The water lines will be disconnected at the top of the tank. The exhaust vent will be removed. Our crew will take the old water heater to the dump for proper disposal.

The new water heater will then be set in place. There needs to be clearance on all sides for ventilation. We also set the water heater up, so you can easily access the controls. We will plumb it level with shims. The new exhaust vent will be attached. If there is not an exact fit, we will fabricate a proper and safe fit to the vent with sheet metal.

Then, the cold and hot water lines are hooked up. Pipe tape is wrapped on the fittings to prevent leaking from the top that could damage the unit. A new shut-off valve for the cold water inlet is soldered on. The water-relief and pressure-relief lines are placed on the new water heater. The gas shut-off valve and supply lines are connected to the new water heater. A gas sniffer is used, so we know there are no gas leaks. The main shut-off line and all of the line valves are turned on.

The pilot light is lit, and the system is filled with water and tested.

Tankless Water Heater Installation

A tankless water heater that is properly sized for your home will provide you endless hot water. It will only heat the water when there is a demand at a tap. Tank water heaters keep heating the water in the tank whenever it gets too cold, even if you aren’t home. The savings on gas for tankless is about 30% per month as opposed to a tank water heater.

After removal of the old water heater, there will need to be some changes to accommodate your new tankless unit. The gas line will have to be bigger. We will have to add an electrical line, and we will create a direct vent system for the new water heater. Thus, the new system will be hung inside an outer wall. That means your gas and water lines will have to be teed, soldered and rerouted to the new water heater’s location.

These tankless units have stainless steel and copper construction and a longer life expectancy than a tank water heater. They do cost more to buy and install, though.

The final step in any water heater installation is that we show you your new water heater. We help you understand the controls. We also ensure that everything is cleaned up after installation, so your home will return to normal.

Water Heater Installation Is Not a DIY Job

As you can see, working with water heaters is not advised for the homeowner. If you, like many, have a gas water heater, you would be connecting and disconnecting gas lines. Gas leaks are really sneaky. Gas is heavier than air. It settles near the ground. You might not even know you have a gas leak until quite a bit has accumulated inside. Then, it may be too late.

By the way, if you ever smell gas in your home, please leave immediately and call 911. A gas leak can be dangerous and can cause an explosion. Once the fire department has turned off the gas supply and determined the cause, you can call the relevant service provider.

Another skill that most home DIYers do not possess is sweating and soldering copper pipes.

You can also see that you would need to get the heavy water heater out of your basement. This is another potential danger for a homeowner DIYer. When you call us out to install your water heater, we will take it to the dump for you. That is a part of our service. The relatively small labor fee we charge for installing your water heater is not worth your family’s safety. This is a job best left to the pros. We are happy to serve you.

Trusted Water Heater Installation in Glendale

If you are in need of water heater installation in Glendale and the surrounding areas, call us at Christian Brothers Air Conditioning Plumbing Electrical. We also service heating and air conditioning units, including installations, repairs and maintenance. If you have electrical service needs, we are your local electricians as well. We have been faithfully serving our local community since 1976.

We are proud to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. We have won the Best of Glendale award from the Glendale Star for the past three years. We offer financing options for installations on approved credit. We also run monthly specials on services.

Call us today for your water heater installation needs at Christian Brothers Air Conditioning Plumbing Electrical in Glendale. We will make your experience safe and free of hassle.

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